1337x Proxy – List of Fastest Proxies and Mirrors Sites List 2019

Want to unblock 1337x Torrent? If you are unable to access 1337x website in your country? Here is the solution, In this article I will share the detailed information on How to access 1337x with 1337x Proxy and Torrent Mirror Sites in 2019.

The torrent website contains various type of information that is useful for users. Sometimes the internet privacy and copyright are made possible by using these torrenting.  These torrents are making useful for users for effective downloading. This file is only for downloading. It contains a lot of information regarding movies and software.

The torrent website has much content in music, application, movies, software, gaming and so on. You download them anywhere in any condition. It is free of cost.  It supports android, ios platforms. But it is not that much easy for you to do these things. It is a little tougher. Before downloading, you must select the link that you want to download and download them.

You have many types of torrent websites that make use for the users. One of the best torrent websites is 1337X proxy. It is the same as the torrent website.

What is 1337x Torrent?

1337x is the website provides you a torrent file and magnet links. It is the third most popular torrent website. This was founded in 2007. It is the oldest form of website with new content. Here you can able to download all the content that your needs. It is very effective and active websites that help users for downloading. It also has the latest information that makes aids for people to download.

1337x proxy and mirror sites list

You can download music, movies, games, any software or applications. All the content in 1337X is high-quality content. Their videos are in HD format. You can download them at free of cost.

What is 1337X proxy?

The word proxy is nothing but it will hide the original address of once website. So you can’t able be trace the actual address of the websites. In technical words, there are many intermediate servers available for you to serve. These servers never interact with you directly. They have indirect contact with peoples. The characteristic of that third party server remains unknown. Its content in the proxy websites is the same as the content in the usual websites. You can’t able to find the difference between the original website and proxy website. 1337X proxy is the replica of original 1337X websites.

Though torrent is banned in many countries the usage of this website does not reduce. This is totally because of the proxy network. With the help of these proxies, the torrent website admin develops a new form of another torrent website. The 1337x proxy is also one of the forms of these types. These websites are still workable mainly because of countries that have the right to access the torrent website. In 1337x proxy sites you can able to download the gaming part, some of the software applications, movies, etc.

List of Unblocked 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites List

The mentioned sites below are correctly working websites. The thing is to check whether your country has blocked torrent or not. If they blocked then you can’t access these websites. Some of them are 1337x proxy sites list.

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The above mentioned lists are still Working 1337x Proxy/Mirror sites.

Why 1337x proxy sites have been blocked?

The admin of various types of the torrent website goes ahead with the mirror concept or proxy method to safeguard their websites. This helps them to prevent from finding their original website by the government. They give a better guarantee to the users for effective downloading. So many companies focused to down 1337x proxy torrent website as they were infringing on their privacy and policy. Torrent provides some of the software of leading companies that possess more valuable prices in free of cost. And hence many countries started to block their websites.

How to unblock 1337x Proxy Torrent Website?

It is easy to unblock the websites that have been blocked by the government.  No need to worry about that. The only thing is you must know how to unblock them. What are the facilities available for unblocking websites? 1337x unblock site are also available. First, know the techniques of how to unblock and check the unblocked websites of 1337x website.

To unblock 1337x website you must download the TOR browser and also VPN. These two downloads make useful for you to download the website content. The onion router is the TOR that is used for unblocking the websites of 1337x. It will hide all your address and hence it is easy for you to download. It maintains the secret communications.

VPN is a virtual private network that ensures high security. It protects your data and it is a secure one and it secures your connection with the internet by hackers. It makes useful for unblocking the torrent websites. They hide your location.  It will encrypt all your traffic. There is a number of VPN available for you. Some of them are pure VPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish VPN, ivacy VPN, airVPN, proton VPN and Nord VPN. Make use of all these VPN for secure unblocking 1337x websites.

Best 1337x Alternatives:

It is recommended to use a VPN. There are many alternatives to 1337x websites. If this website is not working then goes for these websites. All these websites make useful for you to download all platforms offered by torrent websites.


It is one of the websites and it is a Bit Torrent follower. It helps you to download all the content on the torrent website.

Lime torrents:

It is also one of the websites that make use for users to download. It is free of cost. You can download games, software, and anime and so on.

Extra torrent:

It is a website of free of cost. It also has the same functionality of above both alternatives.

Conclusion: 1337x Proxy

These were some of the best working 1337x proxy and mirror sites. Which you can download free movies, tv shows, software, gaming and more. Mostly some of the websites are unblocked and it is still working in some countries that have a permit.