Discover How to Get The iOS Emulators for Windows PC (Run iOS Apps) 2019

Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC

Having been able to own an iPhone by itself is a bucket list for an average person. Considering the fact that how much Apple costs its users for their products it might remain as a product in their bucket list for a long time. While smart phones are hard to get its even more tough to get your hands on to one of those Mac products if one is one a tight budget. Having owned an iPhone and a windows PC is a nightmare for any users if you ask them. There are a set of procedures and installations to be done in order to transfer file from your PC or laptop to your iPhone or iPad. And this is where an iOS emulator comes in to play.

An emulator is a significant too to help its user interfere with programs from other hardware platforms. These are the best iOS emulators out there that can suffice an iPhone user’s pain of owning a windows or any other OS based laptops or computers.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

#1. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

To all the game heads on the market looking to play iOS based games, Nintendo 3DS is the way to go. Nintendo a well established gaming console company game up with their emulator that is also works as an iOS emulator for PC is able to download and run all iOS based games without any lag. And the best part is this iOS emulator is free of cost and can run cross platform gaming applications.


#2. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator

iPad simulator is a cloud based iOS emulator for windows PC which can be accessed through Google chrome. This allows its users to run you PC as like an iPad on its own, so no physical medium is required. Unfortunately this has been taken down from the chrome store. This emulator was so perfect it also allowed its users to send messages through imessage and had the feature to interact with siri with specific manual configuration.

Not available to download from Chrome Store

#3. Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is owned by Apple, which means they run all the application of the ios with ease. They are considered to be one of the best iOS emulators for windows as they are directly run by apple. This emulator is seemingly easy to download and set up in any windows PC. Only application that runs on iOS 8 or more can be used by this emulator. Other than that constrain this is regarded as one of the fines iOS emulators that are currently in the market.


#4. Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio

Electric mobile studio is paid ios emulator that provides a good return for its users for the money they invest in on this product. They are considerably more RAM consuming and drain a lot of juice from the computer, but the result of this emulator is a very high quality with neglects the power it consumes. This also enables its users to develop programs in various coding languages. Given the fact that it makes coding much easier the money is worth spending.


#5. Ripple


Ripple has slowly but steadily gained its place in the iOS emulator market.  This is cloud based Google Chrome extension that can also be used as iOS emulator for PC. This works on all computers and is also able to run iOS 1 to iOS 11. This is most widely used for running tests on applications and also for developing a new application for the iOS market. Ripple is a familiar name between the iOS developer market.


#6. IPadian


iPadian is considered to be one of the best iOS emulators out there in the market. This is most useful for developers who are more involved in developing applications across platforms. As there are able to seamlessly run almost all the iOS based application and games. They go in two versions the free and the paid one, while the free emulator works for any application usage for developers and some additional features the paid version is more suitable.


#7. SmartFace

Smartface is the best alternative you can go for if you don’t want to use iPadian. In some cases smartface is considered to work better than iPadian. This iOS emulator is mostly used by developers to run tests on the product that they are developing. There is both the free and paid version available. Users can choose according to their preferences.


#8. iPhone Simulator

This is similar to that of the iPad Simulator. The iPhone simulator also works as an iPhone Emulator for PC. This has one of the best UI along with user friendly interface. This works similar to working with an iPhone. This gives permission to use limited amount of iOS applications and games. Even high end graphic usage applications can be used through this iPhone Simulator. This leaves no dent in your wallet as it is free of cost and can be used with almost any windows computer.


#9. Remote iOS simulator

Remote iOS simulator is also a product of the Xamarin. Xamerin ultimately is owned by Apple itself. This application is mostly used to debug iOS applications using Visual Studio Enterprise. In terms of market usage this is one of the best out there if you are looking for something that can help you with the testing of iOS applications on a windows PC.


This is one of the finest internet based iOS emulators available in the market. This is very must suitable for beta testing and also for testing of iOS applications and developing for new applications. can be used for free of cost for the first 100 minute of every month after which its usage is being charged. This is mostly used by small industries that need not invest on emulators that may cost a fortune.


#11. Xamarin

Xamarin is one of the free iOS emulators available in the market this is used developers for testing iOS applications on cross platforms on a windows computer. They are widely popular among developers.


#12. Airphone Emulator

This is one of those average emulators in the market. To use this application the equipped computer must first be installed with adobe air to make sure this app works effortlessly. This application copies the iPhone UI and is able to run all the iOS applications including games. But the actual effect of using an iOS devise is not attained through this iOS emulator. This is more suitable for those who need to have the experience of using an iPhone and not for developers.

#13. is similar to can be used by any user as it is very basic and has a significantly simple and effective user interface. They are a bit slow when compared to other emulators. works when the iOS api or the android.apk file is uploaded into the source which enables the user to work on the application like using it on its native device. is free for the first 7 days and then the charge you on monthly basis.

#14. iMAME


iMAME is more suitable for gaming. By downloading and installing iMAME one can download and play any game available for the iPhone or the iPad. They are not so efficient and can crash at some item while in game play.


#15. iDOS Emulator

iDOS Emulator

This is one of those beginner’s applications which can be used by anyone due to its on point user interface. The company behind this is not rolling out any updates or responding to any of the bud reports. Over all this is simple application for a user experience.



Hence, these are some of the top best iOS Emulators which helps to run iOS apps on Windows PC.  Let me know which is one you have have selected from the above given best iPhone Emulator for PC.

Hope the above list which perfectly suitable for you and enjoy its benefits. Still, If you have any queries. Please do comments below. 

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