The 12 Best Live TV Kodi Add-ons to Stream Live TV Channels

Watching TV has always been one of our favorite tasks for all of us. Hardly you will find a person who would not like watching TV. Our childhood was immersed in this and we grew watching TV. There were times when we used to watch cable TV channels only and there was absolutely no cordless means to watch our favorite channels but technology has evolved a lot in recent years and now you don’t need to tune into cable TV to enjoy your favorite channels rather you can stream your favorite channels on your mobile phone and computer as well. It is convenient as well as inexpensive, unlike the traditional method. In the last few years live TV streaming has become the primary method to watch TV channels and people are more keen to watch TV on mobile and computer devices.

There are a number of ways to stream your favorite TV channels from your place but streaming through Kodi live tv addons is among the best and this is what we are going to talk about in this article. Through Kodi live tv add-ons you can watch TV in a more convenient and easy way. You just require an internet connected device and you are all set to go. Are you unaware of Kodi addons but want to stream your favorite channels through it then worry not, here in this article we will let you know how you can stream your favorite channels through Kodi stream live tv and we will also provide you with the 12 best Kodi live tv addons?

Best Live TV Addons for Kodi

What is a Kodi ?

Kodi is basically a media player and is highly popular due to its versatile nature. You can play the desired content on Kodi media player from your computer and you can also stream to different channels, music, movies, and even games. The best thing about Kodi is that you don’t need to pay any amount to use it. If you want to stream your favorite tv channel then all you got to do is find the right addon for your channel but finding a reliable Kodi live tv addon can become a pain in the neck but worry not we will provide you with the best addons for Kodi live tv streaming. Since the cost of cable TV channels is increasing day by day and considering this fact streaming your favorite channels on Kodi is a wise decision as you end up saving your hard earned money. So without getting any delays lets to jump to our first Kodi live tv addon;

Best Kodi Addons to Stream Live TV (Updated 2019)


If you are looking for best live tv addons for Kodi where you can get plenty of channel options then this is going to be one of the picks for you. A reliable and popular Kodi live tv addon that can stream News, Cartoons, Sports, Movies and what not. This addon is available on Skylarks source and it will hardly take minutes to install and after that, you are all set to enjoy your favorite channels. It also offers a different category for sports where you can watch live sports events for free of cost.

Link –

cCloud TV

One of the reliable tv addons for Kodi, cCloud or Community Cloud can stream all the UK and US channels for free of cost on your computer. It is counted among the best Kodi add-ons for a reason. You won’t find any difficulty while streaming as the contents are well organized. You can watch live events through this addon on your PC. You can follow the below-mentioned link to download it;

Link –


One of the most popular Kodi live tv addon, Selfless is preferred by users across the world. You can stream a wide variety of channels from all over the world. No matter if it is a movie, show, sports event, news and whatnot you can stream everything through this live tv addon. Many premium satellite channels can also be streamed through this addon for free of cost. You can install it from bliss tv source, the link for which is as follows;

Link –

Wolf Pack

If you are generating a list of the best Kodi stream live tv addons then this is going to be among the toppers. It is highly preferred addon across the world. The collection of channels is considerable good on this Kodi live tv addon and you won’t face any issues while streaming your favorite TV channel. All the channels are working fine which is not so common with many add-ons available on the internet. It is available on the following link;

Link –

TV Tuga Milhano

You might have not heard of this Kodi stream live tv addon so often but its features are the reason why it is here in this list. You will find a wide variety of live TV channels in English but the majority of the channels are in Portuguese. In ‘World TV’ section you will find live TV channels from all around the world. The link for the source of this addon is mentioned below;

Link –

USTVNow Plus

This Kodi live tv addon offers you the subscription option as well which starts from $14.99 through which you can access many premium channels like FOX news, ESPN, History, and so on. The channels are streamed through American satellites. Without a subscription, you can access a total of six live tv channels whereas with a subscription you also get a feature to record videos. You can find the details from the below-mentioned link;

Link –

Ultra IPTV

Here on this Kodi live tv addon, you can get a good collection of live tv channels through which you can watch your favorite shows without any complications. Since the add-on offers a surging number of channels hence they are not well categorized but the channels work perfectly fine and you can stream sports, news, movies, shows, cartoons and what not through this addon. You can stream your favorite live tv channels for free and the source of this addon is mentioned below;

Link –

Star Tec

Among the list of best live tv Kodi add-ons, Star Tec gives a tough competition to others. You can stream music, movies, sports, news, cartoons, etc through this Kodi live tv addon which makes it one of the best complete Kodi addon. The channels on this addon are working perfectly. No matter if you are a novice in this field you can easily install this addon and stream your favorite channels. The source link is as follows;

Link –

Furious Streams

A wide range of channels from the UK and US are available on this addon. You can find a different category for sports on this channel which is an additional perk of this Kodi live tv addon for the sports lover. Though you may find that a few of the channels are not always working but they keep fixing the issues so the problem is transitory. You can download it from the below-mentioned link;

Link –


Counted among the best Kodi live addons this is widely popular across the whole world. Streaming movies, music, news, cartoons, etc is really easy on this addon. You may get an error message saying ‘Failed to install a dependency’ sometime which can be fixed by installing that particular dependency. Channels are working fine on this addon and you can download it from the below-mentioned source link;

Link –


This channels on this addon are mainly dedicated to the Spanish language whereas you will also find a healthy collection of English channels on this addon. The list of channels is one of the major reasons why this addon is on our list. Download this addon from the below-mentioned link and stream movies, shows, news, sports, etc without any hassles;

Link –


Lies among the best and the oldest Kodi live tv addons list, this addon has got so much to make you love it. Stream your favorite tv shows, movies, cartoons, news, etc without any complications. The flawless performance of this addon is the reason why it is counted among the best ones. Channels are well categorized and you can install it from the following link;

Link –

Final Words on Live Tv Addons

You can install the Kodi live tv add-ons from the above-mentioned ones and stream your favorite tv channels without any flaws. You can stream your favorite channels through most of these add-ons for free of cost. Make sure that you install these add-ons from the links mentioned with them and stream without any complications.