Top 12 Free Movie Apps For Firestick 2019 (or a Fire TV Stick)

Best free movies apps for firestick

Amazon’s Firestick has helped in revolutionizing the Television experience of humans. With its help you can actually convert any TV into a smart TV and stream online contents using your internet, isn’t that awesome? Here in this article, we will be providing you with the best free movie apps for firestick so that you can enhance your overall Firestick experience.

Your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a smart TV? Worry not, with Amazon’s Firestick you can just plug in a small device like flash drive into your normal TV’s HDMI port and your normal TV is now a smart TV. You can watch Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Huu, etc on your television using the internet.

We all love to watch movies on televisions but won’t it be super awesome if your normal television will behave like a smart tv and you will be able to stream movies on Netflix and other similar platforms? Firestick comes with pre-loaded apps and you can also install other apps on it as per your choice.

The Internet is flooded with movie apps for Fire TV but not all of them are genuine. There are a number of free movies apps for Firestick that contain malware which will eventually affect your data and device as well. So here we are providing you with the best free movie apps for firestick, try these and you will be able to watch movie contents on your firestick TV without any complications. Here is our first one –

The 12 Best Apps to Watch Movies on Your Amazon Fire Stick

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Tubi TV

Tubi TVAre you tired of searching for your favorite TV show or movie but not getting any relevant results? Then we suggest you go for Tubi TV as the contents over there are rare to be found anywhere else. This is among the best free movie apps for Firestick.

You will get a bunch of free firestick apps for movies but when it comes to quality content Tubi TV excels its competitors. This app is easily available on the Google Play Store for free of cost and irrespective of your age group; you will find relevant contents on this platform. Whether it is drama, cartoons, movies, anime, etc you will get everything on this app. Stream the contents in HD print on this platform.

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KodiThis is an extremely popular app for streaming video contents. This media player app is no doubt among the best free movie apps for Firestick. It has proven its quality in its segment.

There is something for everyone on this platform; you will find games, movies, songs and what not. What do you expect from online streaming apps? They should be simple and offer you the relevant contents without any issues and this platform is really good at what it does.

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Showbox – Best Apps for FireStick

Showbox for FirestickHow can you forget this app when you are talking of online streaming apps? This is one of the most popular and the best free movie apps for firestick and it totally proves its quality. You get to stream the video contents on this platform is a complete HD print and at a fine resolution.

This app has got an easy to use interface hence navigation is really easy and you will find ample content on this platform hence you won’t ever get bored. Regular update is done on movies, TV shows, music and so on. You won’t face any Ads issue on this app and you will get a seamless experience of entertainment on this app.

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Freeflix HQ

freeflix-hq - hd movies and tv showsIf you are a movie lover then you are going to love this app for sure as this app has so much to offer for a movie lover. You can watch high-quality movies through this app on your Firestick for free of cost.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best free movie apps for Firestick. You can find your favorite movies by navigating through the various genres. You can even search for the movie, you want to watch. Download movies through this app and watch them even when you are offline.

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BobbyBox Movie Box

Bobby Movie BoxIf you are willing to prepare a list of best firestick tv apps then you can never miss out this app from the list. Available for Android OS, this app has so much to offer you. Whether it is a movie, tv show or other video contents, you will get everything on this platform. You can also filter the content according to the genre.

The content on the platform is regularly updated hence you will never get bored of them. You can also download the movies and TV shows that you want to watch them video internet and one of the best features of this app is that you can even download subtitles to enhance your comprehensibility.

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Owned and managed by SONY Entertainment, this app has established its credibility in the market and this is widely trusted among the movie lovers. It is no doubt one of the best free movie apps for firestick and it will certainly enhance your firestick TV experience.

SONY Entertainment has created this app for Amazon’s firestick TV to let its users watch the video contents on Firestick. You get to enjoy the contents of this app for free of cost.

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Vudu AppThis is another awesome app to watch free movies and tv shows online on your Firestick TV. This app offers a huge content library for its users and that too for free of cost. You can watch full-length movies through this app in HD quality up to 1080p resolution, hence those who are a fan of HD movies, it is a boon for them.

Movies on this app have been categorized into different genres like comedy, horror, romance and so on hence it becomes easy to find your favorite movie. New movies are also regularly updated on this platform hence you will never get bored with their content. Undoubtedly this is one of the best free movie apps for firestick.

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Pluto TV – Live TV & Movies on Amazon Fire TV

‎Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies on Amazon Fire TVDo you love Netflix but can’t afford to pay for the subscription? Here is an alternative for you; Pluto TV works in a quite similar fashion to Netflix. You can easily get this app from the Amazon app store and enjoy streaming for free.

Just download and install this app to watch free movies and tv shows online through your firestick tv. No need to sign-up and do any registration to watch your favorite video contents. You can stream your movies and TV shows in HD quality without any issues. The movies on this platform are categorized in different genres which eases the search process.

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TeaTV AppWhile talking about the best free movie apps for firestick, one can’t simply ignore Tea TV as it will let you stream movies and tv shows for free of cost. A few apps for firestick tv support 1080p resolution and this app is among those.

The easy to use interface ads up to the features of this app, one can easily maneuver through the app without facing any issues. You also get an option to download your favorite movies and watch them when you are not having an internet connection. The content of the platform is regularly updated hence you will also get the latest movies on this app.

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UKTVNowThere are a number of free movie apps for firestick on the internet but not all of them are trustworthy. UKTVNow is a credible app which you can rely upon. It supports 13 popular languages hence you will never face any language issue on this app.

With 390 live free tv channels in 9 countries, this app has got a humongous content that will never let you get bored. Just download the setup file on your firestick and install this app. Stream your favorite contents without any issues.

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Popcorn Time – Streaming Apps

Popcorn-TimePopcorn enhances the movie watching experience in theaters and this app; Popcorn time enhances your movie watching experience through firestick tv. It uses the .torrent file of the movie or tv show that you want to watch and then plays it without any issues. You must be aware of the size of torrent material available on the internet hence you can imagine about the content library of Popcorn time.

It streams the video from the magnet link after indexing it and provides you with an HD print of videos. This app will provide you with multi-language subtitles which will make it easier for you to comprehend the movie. The interface is elegant and super smooth. You can bookmark your favorite movies as well as you can download your favorite picks to watch them without the internet.

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Crunchyroll App for AmazonThis firestick tv app was mainly designed to focus on the East-Asian content but no matter you reside in which part of the world, you are going to love this app. Widely popular in the East-Asian region this app lets you watch anime, cartoons, TV series, movies, etc for free of cost.

If you are an anime lover then you are surely going to fall for this app as the size of anime content on this app is huge. This app comes with a 14-day free trial period and if you like this app in that period then you can always go for the subscription. Watch popular anime series like Naruto, Dragon Ball, etc through this app in HD quality without any issues.

Final Words

So these were the 12 best free movie apps for firestick which you can download and install on your Amazon’s firestick and watch movies on your television. Most of these apps provide you the movies and other video contents in HD format and at a good resolution hence you are not going to face the video quality issue with these apps.

Try these apps and enjoy free movies at your place itself

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