Top Best Torrent Search Engine Websites (100% Working)

Best Torrent Search Engines: Torrent is basically a kind of computer file that consists of metadata which holds information. Generally, torrent files come with a extension which is ‘.torrent’. Torrent works in a different way from others; it is basically a key for downloading actual contents. If someone wants to download files from torrents, they either have to get the corresponding .torrent file or they have to use a magnet link. Another important feature of Torrent is that here files are downloaded in pieces or fragments and after obtaining all of the pieces, they are reassembled.

If you want to download your favorite movies, best eBooks, software from the internet, You can use this top best free torrent search engine sites 2019. Here you can get all kind of latest torrent files. There are many movie downloading sites available on the web. but torrent sites is the best choice to search download torrents directly from your device. The user can also download movies, music, computer software and many more.

Best Torrent Search Engines That Still Works

What are the Top Most Popular Torrent Search Engines of 2019

Here, we have listed Top Torrent search engines. You can easily download latest torrent files from the top best seeders. These sites are the fast free torrent search engines in 2019.

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Therefore, to download files for free, top 8 Torrent search engines are given below:


Torrentz2 is a kind of meta-search engine and it combines results from different search engines. Users can get movies, music, anime and many more for downloading from over 250 million pages through this website.


TorrentProject is another popular name in this list. This site basically uses a’ distributed sloppy hash table’ (DHT) in order to store peer contact information for ‘trackerless’ torrents. The database of this website is very huge as it consists of 10 million torrents.

Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy is another famous website in the field of torrent search engines. The following features make it different from other sites:

  • Clean website design
  • Good search features
  • Decent database of Torrents


TorLock is another good torrent search engine. This website offers various torrent files to download movies, TV series, anime, eBooks, software’s, music and many more. Besides, the torrent files are very beautifully categorized in TorLock in order to find those easily.


Monova is another great torrent search engine which offers high quality torrent files and magnet links. The clean design of this website makes it visitor-friendly. The negative aspect of this website is the advertisements that appear frequently and if users can get rid of this, this site would be best for them.


If you are looking for best torrent search engines, then Toorgle must be in your bucket. This website offers magnet links and torrent files for P2P file sharing. This website is famous for its huge database which consists of almost 450 torrent sites.


Sky Torrents is one of the best torrent search engines available in the internet. This site is popular for its huge database and clean interface. It has a huge collection of torrent files that attract many visitors and its huge database makes it different from others.


iDope is completely different from other torrent search engines as it is a kind of android application where peer to peer file sharing is done. The most important aspect of iDope is that users do not need laptop or desktop in order to search torrent files, they can do it right from their tablet or android smartphone.

Hope, these top 8 best torrent search engines would help you to get you what you are looking for and you can download them without any charge. Please share this information with your friends and family.