Top 15 Best Sites to Download Free eBooks 2019

Watching videos, listening music are common factors nowadays. But, with the help of internet people now can read books online and these are called eBooks. Actually, eBook is a kind of book that is available in electronic format and readers can download it to their computer, laptop, smart phones or any kind of device made for eBook reading (Amazon Kindle). The popularity of eBook is being increased day by day as it offers many benefits as well as advantages. The most important aspect of eBook is that there is no need for trees for manufacturing papers for the pages of eBooks and therefore, it is environment-friendly.

However, if people are looking for ways to download eBooks, then it must be mentioned that torrent server is the best way for them. Torrent server is generally used for downloading files and the downloading speed depends upon the peer to peer connection between servers and clients. At first, torrent servers were used for downloading movies, software and videos. Nowadays this trend has been changed and people are using it to download eBooks. There are many torrent sites in all over the world for downloading eBooks. So, people should know the best torrent sites for downloading eBooks

Best Sites to Download Free eBooks 2018

The 15 Best Free Ebook Download Sites

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When it comes to download free eBooks online, Freebookspot is one of the best choice. This sites features a huge library in different categories. You can find category like Agriculture, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Fantasy Novels and many more. This site also provides links to many eBooks and eBooks available in this site are in PDF format

Top Sites to Download Free eBooks


It is another best free eBook site for downloading eBooks and one of the important aspects of this site is that readers can download as well as read all types of torrent books without any charge.

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It is a very useful site for potential readers who can download all types of eBooks easily without any charge. Generally, eBooks available in this site are in doc and PDF format and eBooks are categorized beautifully so that users can find eBooks very easily.


If students of science are looking for eBook downloading sites, then it is for them. This site consists of programming eBooks, engineering eBooks, lecture notes, texts, textbooks and other research references.

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This site is also famous for its contents. It is popular for great collection of Mathematics, free online computer eBooks, programming with technical eBooks, lecture notes. This site is also useful for students of science. Another important characteristic is that all the books are well categorized and there are 12 categories that have more than 150 sub-divisions.

Google eBookstore

Google eBookstore

Google eBookstore is also popular for hobbies eBooks, programming, automotive eBooks, engineering eBooks, gadget eBooks, business eBooks, health and medical eBooks, martial art eBooks, technology eBooks and many more. It has a huge collection of ebooks and you can use it from your mobile or tablet.

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This site is also known as world’s largest online library where various eBooks can be easily found out by the readers. Readers can download their eBooks without any charge and even they can get an option to print their downloaded eBooks directly from the site.


If you are looking for free eBooks related to computer, business programming and art, then this site is good for you as it provides a large number of free online eBooks for its users.


This is one of the great eBook downloading sites as it is popular for free eBooks, notes, lectures and other essential documents related to various subjects. It is a useful site for the students who are looking for notes.

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This site is very useful for the students who are studying computer science as the site consists of free computer eBooks like Perl/Python, C and C++, Java, Linux, SQL database, Microsoft, Programming, security, Science eBooks and manuals.


This is another source for downloading free eBooks online but one of the important features that makes it unique is that this site is updated daily through new eBooks. It also consists of free downloading links and fresh reviews.

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This site offers more than 1000+ free eBooks for the readers. Readers can download free Business eBooks and textbooks in PDF format. The best part is that the readers do not have to register for downloading eBooks.

1337x is one of the most popular torrent websites as of now. Through the BitTorrent protocol, this website offers torrent files and magnet links and readers can download eBook from this website as per their taste.


ExtraTorrent is another popular website for downloading movies, games and even it offers unlimited collection of eBooks. Therefore, it is a kind of paradise for the eBooks lovers. Readers can download eBooks from this website. Even it becomes very popular after closing of Kickass Torrents. is a kind of search engine from where users can find free eBooks, eBook resource for them. Besides, it is one of the best websites that allows its users to download eBooks directly. The design of this website is very user friendly and it is efficient in delivering eBooks.


In conclusion, it may be remarked that buying every books costs you a lot and it is very time consuming. Therefore, eBooks play an important role for the readers who are unable to purchase every book that he or she is looking for. It is also noted that most of the universities use modern DVDs in order to restore books in electronic format.

Hope, these 15 Best Sites to Download Free eBooks will help you to get books that you are looking for.