10 YouTube Video Downloader Apps & Free Legal Video Download Sites

YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube – view, learn, share, like and comment as you please!

There is no doubt that Technology has made life easier. Be it household appliances to the latest mobile devices.  For instance just a few years earlier, it was only possible to speak or chat with our loved ones who were far away.  Now due to the video calling feature, we can see them and directly and talk face to face.  Also, the latest inventions in technology have improved the lives of many making them more aware and knowledgeable. So it is only fair to mention about Google on this same page because directly and indirectly, Google has been responsible for increasing the awareness of many.

Just by typing a word on Google’s search screen you can get a wealth of information about it.  For example, many homemakers use google to find out about recipes.  So you get lots of information right at the fingertips from how many calories, to cooking time, the various cooking styles, etc.  So basically to explain in short, Google was read and learn.   Now technology has gone one step further.   Now there are videos to watch and learn. These are available on YouTube.  Now this raises the question as to

 What is YouTube?

To explain it simply, YouTube is a video-sharing website. It has videos, about practically everything ranging from music, recipes to technology, etc. These videos can be uploaded and shared for all to view. The viewers can not only just watch but they also have the provision to like, share and comment on the videos that they have seen.  These videos can be viewed on a PC, laptop, tabs and mobile phones.


Since YouTube is a free to use service that is why it has become so popular.  In order to prevent its misuse, there are certain age restrictions. For example, on YouTube, there is a provision to create a Personal YouTube Channel. On this channel, personal videos can be uploaded.  However, to set up this account, a user has to be 18 years of age. For users below the age of 18 but above 13, then parental consent is required to set up the channel.

Estimates suggest that each minute about 300 hours of videos are uploaded. And another interesting statistic is that around 5 million videos are watched every day only on YouTube. So there is no dearth of information on YouTube.  However, not all content is suitable to be watched by all age groups.  That is why YouTube added a new feature.

New Features of YouTube

There is a YouTube Kids version. It is designed for kids especially between the ages of 3 – 8.  So this makes it easier for the kids to search for appropriate videos relating to their age.

Many of the YouTube videos can be saved offline. Using another app to download YouTube videos is actually against their terms & conditions.  However,  for some videos, there is a download button or link that can enable the user to download the video.


[box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_style=”dotted” bg_color=”#cecece” align=”left”] Since Android-enabled devices block the installation of apps which are not available in the google store, so the security in the settings option has to be adjusted.[/box]

10 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps

There are many apps which enable the user to download videos from YouTube. Mentioned below is the list of 10 YouTube downloader apps.

  1. Videoder
  2. TubeMate
  3. KeepVid
  4. Snaptube
  5. InsTube
  6. VidMate
  7. YT3 Youtube Downloader
  8. NewPipe
  9. GihosoftTubeGet
  10. Dentex YouTube Downloader

A brief description of these different free YouTube Video Downloader apps is as flows:

Videoder – Free Youtube Video and Music Downloader:

The interface is very simplistic with minimalist features.  First-time users too will not face any difficulty using this App.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader:

It enables users to download high-quality videos at a fast speed and also allows to download videos from Facebook etc.  There is a provision for downloading videos as an MP3 file.


This is a very good app in the sense that the videos in this app are already classified into sections such as new releases, popular videos and those releasing soon. Another interesting feature of this App is that there is a facility to pause, stop, and restart the downloading.

InsTube: Downlaod Free Youtube Videos:

This app enables the downloading of YouTube videos from websites other than YouTube such as Sound Cloud, Twitter, etc.  High-resolution videos with the highest downloading speed even with a slow internet connection can be done using this app.

Snaptube App:

Snap tube has easy to navigate features. The special feature of this app is that it has a built-in search box.  This enables the users to search for the videos using just the keywords and all this can be done without even opening YouTube.


It’s an open source Android App. This app gives the user the feel of as if watching the original YouTube videos. Its interface is very simple and does not have any irritating ads.  The best part is that it is completely safe as it does not collect any data from the user.

YouTube Downloader for Android:

This app is a complete package in itself. It enables the user to download videos in a fast and smooth way.  Another feature is that it has a built-in search feature enables the user to select the resolution and format of the video. It also comes with regular updates. That makes it one of the best sites to download YouTube videos.

YTD YouTube Downloader for Android:

The salient feature of this App is that it does not take up much space in the device.   This pp works not only in droid powered devices but also it works in Windows and Mac versions as well.

Gihosoft TubeGet – Free YouTube Downloader for PC & Mac:

This App also has Windows and Mac Versions just like the YTD Video Downloader.  But it has some more additional features such as downloading all the videos on a select playlist etc. which is very practical. Another plus point is that Gihosoft TubeGet upgrades its codes accordingly to suit the changes in the algorithm of YouTube.  And it regularly fixes the bugs as well. Hence it is considered the best YouTube downloader app.

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

YouTube is very very particular about not allowing its videos to be downloaded. So any app that allows for the download of videos from YouTube is obviously not available on Google Play. That is why there are many questions raised on how to download these apps.   This is very important because there are a lot of fake sites offering these apps for free but are infected. So in order to protect the device, it is best to first make sure that the website is safe and secure.

For downloading Tubemate App it is better to go to its official website since it isn’t on Google Play.  After the downloading is finished, the APK file needs to be installed on the phone.

The official App store for downloading Videoder is Uptodown. Same with VidMate App as well. It also can be downloaded from its official website or from other third-party verified markets.

Best Alternative to YouTube

However, whenever anything gets popular, immediately similar versions come into the market.  Same with YouTube as well.  Due to its rising popularity, it has also given rise to other similar websites wherein free videos can be watched.

In addition to YouTube which enjoys wide-scale popularity, there are other free legal video download sites such as:

  1. Metacafe: It is a video website which has short clips and more popular videos.  Unlike YouTube which is an endless range of videos, Metacafe only offers a few videos which are well organized and easy to search.
  2. Dailymotion: It is claimed to be one of the largest online video sites.  It has a neatly organized homepage with specialized categories and the videos are usually less than four minutes
  3. Vimeo: This is an amateur online video site which specializes in HD.  Here unlike YouTube, the ideas mostly are submitted by users who are new directors or animators.  It is mobile friendly too.
  4. IMDB: the full form of IMDB is the Internet Movie Database.   Here there are complete episodes of famous talk shows and some movie trailers.


YouTube is one of the world’s most famous and popular video streaming website. Because it has many videos ranging in all topics under the sun it is considered a great treasure house of entertainment and knowledge. YouTube does not have a straight forward direct download system of its videos.  So with many videos available and that too on a variety of subjects, it becomes a necessity to be able to download the YouTube videos available online and watch it later in the free time or when a person is offline.

Some may prefer to watch the videos again and again.  So it makes sense to download the videos for future use.   Also sometimes the internet connection is not available or too slow.  So some prefer to download the videos and watch it without any disturbances or connection problems. That is why there are so many apps available that can enable a user to download YouTube videos effortlessly.