Check Out the 3 Top Rated Cable Companies


The television industry is changing from month to month and year-after-year, and many cable providers are changing with the times. There comes a different kind of problem with all those excellent cable provider choices – how to choose one. 

It can get confusing and overwhelming pretty quickly when you dive into channel lineups, availability, and pricing. Sometimes, though, when it’s time to look for your cable provider, you may have no choice at all. 


The industry consists of regional monopolies, which often means the cable companies that serve your particular location are limited. Here, let’s look closely at the three top-rated cable companies and their product features and pricing.

Check Out the 3 Top Rated Cable Companies


To get more Charter Spectrum package deals (and more channels), you’ll need to bundle with Internet and phone service. However, these bundles come at a fair price, including free installation (usually $35), WiFi (commonly $10) and DVR ($13 monthly). 

This is a possible one-year upward savings of $200. Spectrum provides free-of-charge HD channels, too. 


What’s more, if you want to transfer to Spectrum but are presently signed with another service, the company will help acquire your contract up to $500.  But you need to sign up for the Triple Play bundle.    

Customer service at Spectrum fares well with customers. The company has earned a rating of 63 out of 100 from both Consumer Reports and ACSI, which is above the industry average.

Check Out the 3 Top Rated Cable Companies


Most providers require you to bundle your television service with the Internet, or they provide only one non-bundled television alternative. However, through XFINITY, you can pick from all five of its cable TV packages – without Internet signing on

Its television packages come with a wide variety of channels, from 10 to over 260. The most comprehensive plan is their Digital Starter plan ($70.99 / month). 

It has 40 percent of the most popular networks, along with the Hallmark Channel and ESPN. Only premium networks and specialty sports channels such as the MLB Network and Starz will miss you out. 

Comcast’s XFINITY is the most commonly accessible cable service provider, with coverage in 39 states and 8444 zip codes. There’s a high probability you’ll compare it to another one on this list. Houston, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, San Jose, and Denver are its top-serviced cities.

Check Out the 3 Top Rated Cable Companies
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Cox Communications

If you want your apps to be self-installed and configured, the Cox Communications’ website makes this possible. Its extensive resource library provides educational videos on how to set up, use, and troubleshoot your services. 

For instance, if your television does not work, you can indicate if it is grainy, frozen, tiled, blue, or black. After a few questions concerning your service, you will get a specific solution and a clear way forward (even if that means professional assistance scheduling). 

The 140 + channel of Contour TV plan will suit anyone who wants to capture lots of faves. Except for premium networks and specialty sports, it has almost every channel. You can also select their Starter or Contour Flex TV (usually about $25 a month), and get basics like PBS, ABC, the CW. 

Cox offers additional TV packages that you can add on to get your favorite genre-specific channels. For an extra $10 a month, pick from sports, movies, and different bundles.


Cable and internet are something that has become a necessity in our everyday lives, and finding the right company that can deliver the best service is essential. 

Of course, these cable providers have their advantages and disadvantages, but when looking for a cable provider, you  need to find one that suits your preferences. Above are the top-rated cable providers in the nation due to the variety of products and services that they deliver.