How to Download Adobe Flash Player Offline Installers ( Windows, Mac, Linux)

While online streaming or playing online games you might have encountered an error of adobe flash player not installed, let us understand how you can install adobe flash player offline. Through official site of Adobe, you can download an installer which will further download the full package and this process requires internet connection but you can download the complete package in one step and this article is all about that. Let us first understand a few perks of Adobe Flash Player:

What is Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe flash player is used for streaming audio/video and other multimedia content online. This software is also used for Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Flash player was earlier owned (created) by Macromedia but currently, this software is owned and managed by Adobe System Inc.

Adobe keeps updating its Flash player regularly and it is globally available for all the operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Solaris. Basically, Adobe flash player is used to run SWF files. These files are used to display animated ‘vector graphics’ on the web. These files allow multimedia contents and the user can access these through Adobe Flash Player, you can access this content both by browser plugin or standalone player.

It is not like that Flash player only supports SWF files but it can also run JSON, AMF and XML files. When it comes to multimedia content it supports JPEG, GIF, FLV, MP3, PNG, etc. Adobe keeps working on its flash player to enhance the experience as well as increase the security of the user. The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is protected with HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS).

How to Download and Install Adobe Flash Player Offline?

By now you must have understood every bit about Adobe Flash Player and it is the time to understand the procedure to download and install it offline. You can visit the official website of Adobe where you will get all versions of Adobe Flash Player but the major issue you might end up downloading installer only at the place of the full package. The installer will further use your internet to download the package and install it. Let us understand how to do it offline.

Step 1 – If you are already having an outdated or older version of adobe flash player then you should uninstall it. You can do this by going to programs and features option in control panel. If you are having an outdated plugin then you can remove it from your browsers setting.

Step 2 – Click on this link to visit the official Adobe website to download the complete package of adobe flash player. This website is to download the latest version (Flash Player 32) of adobe flash player, if you want to download beta version then you can visit this link.

Step 3 – You will get download links for all platforms on the above-mentioned links. You can select your browser’s link if you want to download the plugin or you can also opt for the standalone player. Before clicking on any link check if your computer is working on 32-bit or 64-bit and then download the suitable file.

Step 4 – If you are on windows operating system then you can select from the list of flash players suitable for windows. Similarly, you can select the suitable software for other operating systems.

Step 5 – You can download adobe flash player offline by simply clicking on the link mentioned on the website. Your downloading will start soon. The size of the setup will be somewhere around 20MB.

Step 6 – You can install this setup and soon your desired standalone player or plugin will be installed on your computer. You can now use this software/plugin to resume your tasks.

Important Tips:

If you are going to download and install adobe flash player offline then there are certain things that you must remember:

  • Check your computer’s specification and remember the details while downloading the adobe flash player. You should download the suitable version only as if the software is not suitable for your computer’s specification then it might misbehave in the future.
  • Never download Adobe Flash Player from any unofficial link. Download Adobe Flash Player from the above-mentioned link. You should not rely on any third party software to download Adobe Flash Player offline.
  • Once installed, regularly update your software in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the software. Adobe keeps updating the security patches of its flash player so you must update the software regularly. Again do not rely on any third party software to update your app rather update it from the update section of the adobe flash player.

Quick Links for Install Latest Adobe Flash Player Offline

For Windows User

For Mac User



Adobe Flash Player is an essential software in your computer because it is used to perform so many tasks (especially on the web). You can download and install adobe flash player offline by following the above-mentioned steps. Hope this helps!