How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds on Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a popular game created by Moonton and released in 2016. With a horde of players taking part in its mobile online multiplayer battle arena, many are familiar with its gameplay.


With 20 million downloads on Google Play, it has become one of the most popular mobile games. Its player vs player design has certainly intrigued many.

Some might be wondering how to get more diamonds and gold to make your mark in the highly competitive online clash. Let's discuss the secret to gaining more diamonds and gold to spend on your heroes.


What is Mobile Legends?

For those living under a rock and unfamiliar with Mobile Legends, we will briefly explain exactly what it is. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer arena battle game that was developed for smartphones.

However, if you want to play it on your PC, it is possible to use an Android Emulator. To view the latest Emulator versions, feel free to consult the attached article.


In the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mobile game, you can take control of any selected hero character. You will then team up with four other players and get pitted in the Arena to fight for domination against an opposing team of five different players.

While the game has plenty of different factors to consider and master, its basic gameplay is centered around the action. With optimized controls, it is designed under the principle of Play to Win instead of Pay to Win.

Nonetheless, you will still earn battle points for victories and achievements, which can be spent on improving character stats and buying equipment or heroes. There are also in-game purchases available that include better equipment. Thus, despite Moonton’s initial design, players with better resources will still be more successful.

How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds

With that said, allow us to share the most common secrets on gaining more diamonds and gold so you can stand a better chance of surviving the competition. There are legitimate ways to gain wealth in the game and an available hack to exploit if you want to take the risk.

The proven and legitimate way to earn more diamonds, especially useful for beginners and new players, would be to link your Mobile Legends account to any of the three options provided. This will give you up to a maximum of 300 diamonds if you can link all three options.

The three options include Facebook, Google Play Games, and VK. To do this, access your profile, choose the account option, and you will be given a chance to bind these apps to your Mobile Legends account.

Another legitimate way to earn free diamonds would be to download the MBGuide app from Google Play and use its diamond generator. It works by simply watching advertisements.

You can redeem these diamonds to your Mobile Legends account once you have collected the minimum amount. For more details, you can watch the following video.

You can also feel free to search for more videos on how to exploit Mobile Legends, but the risk of using hacks and cheats will remain your responsibility. Keep in mind if you get caught it, will result in a ban from the Mobile Legends server.

What Are Gold and Diamonds Used for?

Diamonds are the premium in-game currency and can be hard to get. Mostly you will earn battle points that can be spent on fragments, equipment, heroes, and other in-game items.

Diamonds can be used to purchase skins, new heroes, and emblems. Emblems will improve your hero character’s stats and help you gain levels faster, which is very useful. The game also features special events where you can spend diamonds and gold battle points.

How to Download the Game

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mobile game is available for download from either the Apple Store or Google Play. Either search for it by name or use these provided links, then check if your smartphone is compatible.

If it is, simply select the install option to start the process. Once done with the installation, you would only need to create an account, and then you will be set to compete.

How to Play

The game system is similar to most arena battle games. Create a character, get into the arena, and fight for domination. The following tutorial video will give you some insights into beginner tactics and how the game functions.

You are in control of your chosen hero character and gain support from AI-driven minions. The objective of the game is to destroy all the enemy turrets and eventually capture their base to gain victory. Amidst this ongoing battle, you would also have to be on the lookout for jungle creatures that pose a threat and, of course, defend your turrets and base.

Heroes come in a variety of choices, and all of them have unique abilities and skills that can be used in combat. To master the game, you would have to learn all there is to know about hero control and upgrading and perfecting your strategies.


Mobile Legends is a fun multiplayer online battle arena game you can play to compete internationally against opponents.

Remember that you have to be twelve years and older to play and that the competition is bound to be fierce. Most importantly, always try to have fun and stick with it, even if you don’t do all that you'll do at first.

Spanish version: Cómo Obtener Oro y Diamantes Gratis en Mobile Legends

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