Download GBWhatsApp Apk for Android Mobiles [Latest Version 2019]

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. The application launched additional features for WhatsApp. The GBWhatsApp unique feature allows the user to run and access multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single Android device. GBWhatsApp Apk Download is the first GB Mods authorized version of WhatsApp. The Android developer Atnfas Hoak developed the GBWhatsApp in the name of GB Mods. The Android mobile application enables users to transfer bulk video clips. This mobile application supports hassle-free data transfer. It allows the users to shares 90 or more pictures at a single shot.

The GBWhatsApp would be an ideal choice for bulk sharing of media files. The quality of the media fairly maintained during sharing. The application enables to listens to the audio files without download. The GBWhatsApp didn’t have the end to end encryption.  So the developer can retrieve any shared data, anytime and anywhere. It extends this support to texts, images, videos, and audio files. The attractive features of the application captivate the users to use towards the GBWhatApp.

Download Latest GBWhatsApp Apk – Details
Name of the Application GBWhatsApp
Latest Version 6.85
File Size 26.9 MB
Language  English
Compatible With Android Smartphones
Requirement Android 4.0+
Price Free
Required Root No

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version for Android:

The Free Download GBWhatsApp Apk is available on the internet. It is absolutely free to download. It is an upgraded version of WhatsApp. The GHWhatsApp has several versions. This mobile application complies with all versions of Android. This mod renders many cool and advanced features for the user to access. The feature to access multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device is inbuilt in this app. So the users need not take the trouble to install other apps like Parallel Space. Any Android user can install the GBWhatsApp. This mobile application never affects normal WhatsApp operations. There are thousands of themes available to use. It can be downloaded from the GBWhatsApp server.  The users can apply downloaded themes to personalize. It will give an elegant look and attractive in a chat screen display.

The users allowed creating custom themes according to their own choice. The GBWhatsApp can provide additional security feature such as lock a particular conversation.  The secret numbers are used for lock and unlock the private chat. The native features of WhatsApp like phone calls, video calls, profile photos, status, about option, wallpapers in chats never changed. But the GBWhatsApp offers additional features on WhatsApp native features. The user can send large media files such as videos of 16 GB and above. The application size is 26.9 MB. It is totally recommended for every user to download.

Download and Installing the GBWhatsApp Apk on Android

Follow the simple steps to unlock the amazing app features in the user’s Android device. it will give elegant and comfort access for WhatsApp users.

  • Free Download the apk file from the below given link
  • Change the option as “GBWhatsApp can’t be downloaded from the app store” in Security settings option, under smartphone
  • To install the apps apart from the apps from google play, click on “unknown sources”.
  • Recommend to install the application again on the Android smartphone
  • Open the app and click on “Agree and continue” after reading the terms and conditions.
  • The type phone number in the option given in the installation navigation page
  • Do the verification process of the user‘s phone number with the “OTP code”
  • Fill the user‘s name and click “next
  • And now the user installed this amazing app and ready to access it.

Download GBWhatsApp APK

Features of GBWhatsApp

The GBWhatApp offers multiple features to the user. The advanced features make the user feel comfortable using GBWhatsApp. It enables the user to manage more than one account simultaneously. The GBWhatApp features allow the user to create and maintain multiple accounts. It enables the user to use the same device with different phone numbers to maintain accounts. The GBWhatsApp additional features in texting make the application more interesting.

  • It allows the user to copy and paste the WhatsApp status easily
  • The additional feature never allows others to know online access to one’s privacy.
  • It never shows the user online or typing or any other stature. It maintains complete privacy to the user account.
  • The “MessageScheduler feature is the best options available in GBWhatsApp. The users tend to forget to reply to the message. The Message Scheduler option allows the user to send auto-reply as per the users scheduled time.
  • The GBWhatsApp the maximum letters permitted to be kept for the group name rose to 35 characters. It is comparatively higher than the traditional WhatsApp Group naming criteria.
  • The GBWhatApp features offer the user to hide the acknowledge tick marks. The tick mark denotes the delivery of the message in the user account and read by the concerned The mobile application differentiates the status report of the text through color codes. The blue color tick denotes that receiver red the message. It is very helpful to keep the user away from spammers. The mobile application gives permission to customize the format and edit the tick styles as well.
  • In addition, the new emojis are added. It will make the conversations and chats more amusing and interesting.
  • The GBWhatApp allow the user to view another user status. Even in the hidden state of GBWhatApp user still can view the status of others. This is a great way to find out if any person is ignoring purposely.
  • The Anti-revoke feature allows the user to delete any sent message from the sender’s and receiver’s end. It also lets the user see deleted messages in private chats and in any groups.
  • Hiding the voice recording button in conversations is possible. It allows the user to customize the option as per requirements.
  • The GBWhatsApp features that make it a wonderful application to access traditional WhatsApp texts, media, status, etc.

Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp in My Device?

Download latest GBWhatsApp Apk is really worth and beneficial. It enables to set the privacy status based on the user’s choice without any issue. There are no ban problems while accessing this app. The user can even customize GBWhatsApp notifications’ fonts, size, color, and even the logo. It will support the user to use GBWhatsApp vibes. The vibes permit the users to just scrolling through the received notifications tab. The previewing of photos and media files without download to local Android device considered to be the best feature. It will permit the user to have a glance on the file easily. It enables the user to manage the memory space of the smartphone effectively. It will save the data as well by download unwanted files.

The previewing feature helps the user to enhance the device performance through save storage space on the device. Another well-awaited option allows the mobile application used to lock the application without installing any other application software.  The important chats can take the back and preserve for future reference. The GBWhatsApp executes an auto backup from the specified user account GB WhatsApp data and stores it on the local storage of smartphone. It can be accessed without using any network. This gives proof of the user data and may come in handy in the future. It restores the user data whenever the user wants to refer their messages in the chats.

The main additional feature of the GBWhatsApp Apk download brings the huge merit keeping the privacy setting of the user. It will provide high privacy standard from other users trying to access ones private information from the parent device in an authorized person’s absence. Another important and much useful advantage is that it provides “multi-language support. It offers more than ten different languages. So the user gets an option to select their preferred language from the list. It will help especially for non-English speakers to use the app. It is available all-inclusive in the best version. It will enable users can read, understand and use all the features of the application easily. It is definitely great merit that such an improved application available free to download and use. The user is definitely missing out if they haven’t installed this application in a smartphone. The GBWhatsApp is highly recommended to the users to download the latest GBWhatsApp Apk.  The user will for sure enjoy the highly developed program features in WhatsApp.  The GBWhatApp makes the user traditional WhatsApp experience to a different level. Moreover, keep the user data private and confidential.