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What is IPVanish VPN?

Generally, IPVanish Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service to establish a secured encrypted virtual connection. The application establishes a connection between the user and the IPVanish VPN server. The successful connection enables the users to send and receive the data through the internet. There are two major primary reasons to use IPVanish VPN service. The first reason restricts the ISP, and hotspot provider. It will support the maximum speed of data transition. Another major reason is to access the region restricted contents. It will hide the user device from the actual location. The IPVanish review claims that the application is one of the best VPN service providers.

ipvanish vpn review


IPVanish VPN application is a US-based VPN service provider. IPVanish VPN application is having the infrastructure of 1100 servers across 60 countries. The major servers are placed in Europe and North America. It provides the best offers to the customers to access their private network with high-security standards. The IPVanish application provides excellent Netflix support. Netflix used to work with one among four IPVanish servers. The server supports with faster data rate. It secures overall 26th position out of more than 70 review reports. IP Vanish application is quite simple to access. The users should log in to the ISP network. Login required to the IPVanish application. The authentication will be done for both login and ready to send and receive the encrypted traffic through IP Vanish application. The data transfer is completely encrypted no one view what users are doing. The sniffing packet from the data stream also shows only encrypted data traverse through IP Vanish.

Is IPVanish Good in Features?

Many of internet and VPN users used to ask, is IPVanish good? The IPVanish review and its features clearly pointed out that IPVanish is a good VPN application. It has plenty of colorful features. It will support every users and internet application performances. The IPVanish VPN application uses OpenVPN, Socks5 tunneling protocols for access. The IPVanish data packets are encrypted with AES 256- bit to provide the security. It never keeps the logs. The IPVanish VPN application supports the Windows, Mac Os, iOS, Android platforms, Routers, and Linux devices to execute with VPN. The IPVanish VPN application recommends using in day to day access. At a point in time, IPVanish application will support five windows, Mac, iOS, or Android devices.

Is IPVanish Good in Cost?

The IPVanish VPN application usage cost is a bit higher than other leading VPN applications. The IPVanish VPN application renders three different cost factors for the users. The projected cost of the IPVanish application is $6.49 per year, $ 8.99 for three months and $ 10.00 per month. Comparatively the IP Vanish VPN is charging higher than their competitors. The cost factor shows higher for long term plans.


ipvanish price

Monthly Plan $10:

The IPVanish application offering VPN services at the cost of $10. So the incurred cost per year is $120. There is no room to save the cost.

Three Months Plan $ 8.99 per month:

The IPVanish Company does not provide any fair plan for 6 months pricing option. Instead, the IPVanish Company offers three months plan. The total incurred cost for three months plan or quarterly plan is $26.99. The total cost incurred per year is $ 107.96. Through the quarterly plan, the customer can save 25% of their yearly cost as saving.

One year Plan $ 77.99:

The vanish yearly pricing plan is quite attractive than any other plans. The IPVanish Company is charging its customer per year $77.99. It equates that nearly $6.49 per month. So the customer can save nearly 46% per year.

IPVanish Company announces the colorful advertisement on 7-days money back guarantee for every plan. The money back plan will urge the customers to pilot the application in real-time. The Company will accept different mode of payments such as credit card, PayPal, and even bitcoin as well.

IPVanish VPN has shown that the application considered being the best and unique application. It has many pros and cons when compared with its competitors. The IPVanish pros and cons are listed below

IPVanish Review – Pros and Cons:

IPVanish Pros

IPVanish supports faster and speedy internet usage

As per a few speed test report on IPVanish server performance with internet speed of 100Mbps network is good in European Amsterdam Servers. It has a download speed of 82.67 Mbps and Uploads speed of 43.19 Mbps. The speed test shows in US server as download speed of 34.71Mbps and Uploading speed of 24.72 Mbps. Poor support can be observed in Asian Servers ( HongKong). The download speed measured 7.61Mbps and data uploading speed is 5.88Mbps. The support with the UK server is extensively good. The download speed is 80.25 Mbps and upload speed of 42.09 Mbps.

A gentle VPN application and easy to use

The IPVanish VPN application is very smooth to install and easy to use. The vanish application offers an interactive and user-friendly interface. It supports the open proxy server web applications like Socks5

IPVanish maintains the Zero Traffic Logs

The IPVanish Company maintains the no-log policy in its network. Through the no-log policy, the user access activity log is not recorded. It maintains the Zero Traffic Log facility for its users.

IPVanish uses strong encryption methods

The IPVanish Company uses AES 256- bit encryption standard. The IPVanish data packets all are encrypted and float in the network stream. So no sniffing application tracks the data packets of the user. The encrypted data packets will show the encrypted user data.

It allows using the open source web proxy protocols like Socks5

The IPVanish allow the user to access the special proxy server protocol like Socks 5. The proxy server protocol executes socket security. This allows the user to enjoy the VPN without download any software in the local device.  It will hide the private IP address and personal information of the users. It will allow users to enjoy downloading speed and operational performance.

IPVanish allowed the Torrenting the device

The IPVanish application supports the torrenting which is Point to Point data sharing. It supports data transfer freely and privately.

IPVanish has five device connection limits

The IPVanish allow their users to connect 10 end-user devices simultaneously. It could be helpful to support the entire family member devices can be networked through IPVanish application which avoids the unwanted expenses.

IPVanish has TOR compatibility

IPVanish will support TOR or Orion Network applications. It will encrypt the data and relays the traffic into several servers to reach difficult areas as well. It is highly impossible to track the real-time location of the users.

IPVanish Cons:

Wrong Third Party report on IPVanish VPN review:

The IPVanish Company and its application got more than 17 complaints and the company failed to resolve the issues. The IPVanish VPN review shows several unsatisfactory complaints on the support services

False commitments on Support service:

The IPVanish Company has given wrong commitments on 24 hours 7 days a week support service. In reality, the Company is not providing such support service to the customers.


The IPVanish shows that the application is best among several VPN applications in terms of typical features. The IPVanish VPN application features like 5 device support counts, flexibility, data transfer speed, security through AES 256 bit encryption standards are notable and worth credited. The IPVanish pricing is a bit higher than other competitive VPN applications. The IPVanish costing plans are segregated as per month, quarterly, and year plans. The monthly plans don’t have any saving, the quarterly plan will help the customer to save 25%. Likewise, the year plan of IPVanish is attractive and fair to save around 46%. The IPVanish VPN application has several pros and cons. The IPVanish pros are comparatively standardized when compared to the other VPN applications. The notable IPVanish VPN applications pros are device connection limits, TOR Compatibility, supportive to the web proxy server, provides high privacy for the data and secured access within the networks.

Final thoughts on IPVanish Review

The IPVanish is recommended for European country users. The application provides faster data rate on uploading and downloading speed in European Countries. The IPVanish VPN application supports well in the UK in uploading and downloading speed. The IPVanish Company will support the various Operating Systems and Mobile platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Platforms. The IPVanish application will extend the good support to the Netflix and fire stick applications. The IPVanish application users got poor support from the company. Except for this drawback, the application recommended using in day to day use with faster data rate. Surely it will captivate and attract the user to practice the application in regular use. All reviews based on a person’s individual perspective.