Is Comcast Business Internet the Right Choice?

As of the day you moved in, you probably had internet service in your home. You connected to it, whether it was for personal use or to run your home business. 

For some businesses, residential Internet service can be just fine. But if your residential connection doesn’t provide enough bandwidth, you may wonder, can you get business internet? 

There are many Internet service providers (ISPs) offering different business internet plans, and Comcast is one of them. Read on to find out if Comcast Business Internet is the right choice

Is Comcast Business Internet the Right Choice?
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Comcast Business Internet

The big ISP Comcast uses ‘Comcast Business’ to promote their internet services to businesses at rates distinct from home internet connections. 

It provides both direct subscriber line (DSL) connections (where the internet is delivered via existing phone lines) and internet connections, at least partly via fiber (from HFC or coaxial hybrid fiber to pure fiber-optic). 

This is accessible in 40 U.S. states in the West, the Midwest, the South, and the Northeast. While all these states have Comcast internet at least somewhere, there are significant gaps in overall coverage.


Comcast Business markets itself as the ISP “redefining what a provider provides.” It’s probably true, with all the extra features they have now. Comcast Business goes beyond merely offering a reliable connection with an up-time guarantee

It uses technology to keep businesses online, even in situations outside their control, such as power shortages, and offer additional resources to help companies make the most out of their connection. 

They have different options that are useful for business with on-site visitors or clients like coffee shops, cafes, and hotels. They also support institutions offering vital services.

Comcast’s most innovative internet service features come under two main headings as follows.

Comcast Business WiFi Pro

It includes a customizable WiFi splash page, management tools with functions like restricting guest bandwidth, and analytics in areas like storefront conversions, unique users, and customer characteristics. 

Comcast Business Connection Pro

It features automatic 4G LTE wireless backup, easy digital management, simple setup, and a cellular router with auto-failover and fallback, 8-hours of battery life, and power-surge protection for up to four devices. 

Difference Between Comcast and Other Providers

If you’ve been shopping for business-grade internet, you have probably come across plans from two well-known ISPs: Verizon and Comcast. These mega-corporations provide business high-speed internet connectivity. 

Through Fios business internet, Verizon provides faster plans at lower costs and outstanding customer service. Yet unlike Verizon, Comcast provides free installation in specific locations, plus free 24/7 customer support — with Verizon, round-the-clock assistance must be bundled. 

Comcast Business says that their customer service agents undergo comprehensive training and can manage even the most challenging issues. Customers can also find a solution in their web forums or searchable FAQ pages.


Plans range from good value for relatively slower speeds to far higher prices than average for the fastest internet connections.

Comcast Business HFC Internet Plans 

These monthly plans provide internet services through a combination of fiber-optic cable and standard television cables. 

  • Starter Internet – $84.95 – 25 mbps downloads, 5 mbps uploads
  • Deluxe 50 Internet – $124.90 – 50 mbps/10 mbps
  • Deluxe 75 Internet – $164.90 – 75 mbps /15 mbps
  • Deluxe 100 Internet – $214.90 – 100 mbps/20 mbps
  • Deluxe 150 Internet – $264.90 – 150 mbps/20 mbps
  • Deluxe 250 Internet – $364.90 – 250 mbps/25 mbps
  • Deluxe 500 Internet – $414.90 – 500 mbps/35 mbps
  • Business Internet 1 Gig – $514.90 – 1,000 mbps/35 mbps

Comcast Business Pure Fiber Internet Plans

All speeds with these monthly plans are symmetric, meaning uploads and downloads are the same. 

  • Starter Internet – $69.95 – 25 mbps
  • Deluxe 50 Internet – $109.95 – 50 mbps
  • Deluxe 75 Internet – $149.95 – 75 mbps
  • Deluxe 100 Internet – $199.95 – 100 mbps
  • Deluxe 150 Internet – $249.95 – 150 Mbps
Is Comcast Business Internet the Right Choice?
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The Bottom Line

Comcast Business Internet can be the right choice because although its pure fiber connections are rarely available and has costly gigabit internet compared to rival ISPs, it has many advantages.  

It provides 4G LTE wireless backup if the power goes down, an eight-hour router battery that protects connection against power cuts, and power surge protection for up to four devices.