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What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a Virtual Private Network service provider. It is an internet traffic protector. All the incoming and outgoing data is encrypted. It hides the user's IP address. It allows the user to browse through different websites and apps. The user can access many online sites anonymously. Don’t have to worry about information being leaked. It is highly secure on any device. The NordVPN secured application in public Wi-Fi. NordVPN mentioned that the user’s IP address is highly protected through ‘military-grade encryption’. The accessing websites will capture NordVPN’s IP address.

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This advanced and improved technology secures data from hackers. NordVPN uses various cipher keys to provide anonymity. One can afford to pay a price and subscribe to NordVPN. It can be downloaded on any Android device or for accessing Chrome. NordVPN can be used by the subscriber on up to six different devices simultaneously. It can also be downloaded on any operating system like Windows, UNIX, and Linux.


Other than the virtual private network feature, NordVPN also checks for any malware threats before the user can access a website. This feature is known as ‘CyberSec’. It provides safety to the user’s software system. It prevents the user from damaging their server or computer network. NordVPN checks the Domain Name System (DNS) connected to the internet network for making this possible.

According to a personal NordVPN review, it is totally recommended to install this software. It has plenty of advantages that come in handy for the user. Some major features are discussed below.

Amazing and Outstanding features of NordVPN

  • It provides security anytime, anywhere, and any device. Websites or apps that are blocked in your region can be accessed easily using NordVPN. One can gain access to other servers to make this possible. Its cutting-edge technology secures data from hackers. It is secure on any device. It is secure on any device.
  • Highly protects the IP addressAllows the user to access any blocked or private websites. Any traffic from the user is absolutely invisible to all websites.
  • It has more than 5000 high-speed servers in 61 countries.
  • Versatility NordVPN can connect up to 6 devices at a time with a single VPN application.
NordVPN features
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  • The ‘settings’ tab provides various activating buttons. Some options available under this option are:
    • CyberSec – Enabling this option nullifies ads. The user’s security can be protected from various harmful malware and threats. Phishing of reputable entities or persons is also blocked to an extent in this attribute.
    • Automatic Updates – This option keeps the user notified on the app updates. It automatically checks for updates when NordVPN is being run.
    • Auto connect – Auto connect is very, This feature allows the user to automatically connect to any server when the toggle button is ‘On’. One can choose which server to connect to, by easily clicking on the ‘Select’ link next to the ‘On’ or ‘Off’ toggle button.
    • Start Nord VPN on startup – Start NordVPN on startup turns on NordVPN protection at Windows startup It is enabled by default and starts NordVPN when the user starts the computer.
    • Kill Switch – Suppose the VPN connection gets interrupted when a person uses it for a website, the traffic doesn’t go through the VPN tunnel. In this case, the IP address of the user can be tracked since the VPN protection was disturbed. The ‘Kill Switch’ in NordVPN helps to prevent such a case. It automatically shuts down all applications using the NordVPN service. The user is switched to the normal standard connection instead.
    • Notifications – Send the user notifications about the service when it is activated. For example; the user gets notifications when connecting or disconnecting from NordVPN.
Accessing NordVPN Software
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Accessing NordVPN Software

To log in to NordVPN, first, download the software on your device. The user only has to provide a valid e-mail address. All the other steps in the process, for the set-up, will be taken care of by the NordVPN company. After entering the login details, the confirmation e-mail will be sent from the NordVPN Service provider. Click the link provided to activate the account.


When NordVPN is first opened, a world map with blue-colored signs is displayed. This map shows the places where the NordVPN servers are spread globally. It is displayed under the ‘map’ tab.

Click on the ‘connect’ button to turn on the VPN security for your device.

The ‘servers’ tab shows the list of all the 61 countries where NordVPN is spread. The speed, load, distance of servers, etc., and other details can also be seen under this option.


The ‘settings’ tab provides various activating buttons to enable various functions. Some of these functions are; CyberSec, Kill Switch, auto-connect, and notification settings.

Nordvpn settings
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What is the Price of NordVPN?

$3.49/month offer – This NordVPN coupon offers a great discount for 3 years at $125.64.

$4.99/month offer – For this coupon, the subscriber will have to pay $119.76 in advance for a 2 years period.

NordVPN Price - Latest
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It is advisable to take the yearly plan at $83.88 if the subscriber is not going to use the service for less than a year.

An unlimited free trial for 3 days is available for new subscribers. The user does not have to give any payment details for doing so.

Is NordVPN Good?

NordVPN is a very safe service provider. It can definitely be trusted as it provides various safety options like the ‘Kill Switch’ and ‘CyberSec’. The user may ponder to ask, is NordVPN good? Yes, many users all around the globe are satisfied with the service provided. It gives anonymity by hiding the user’s IP address. This way, the user is protected and does not get exposed to the websites directly. NordVPN covers up for the user using the standard NordVPN IP address.

Pros of NordVPN service:

  • NordVPN is considered one of the “world’s most advanced VPN” and it is very trustworthy and reliant.
  • NordVPN can be used on Android devices, Android TV, and all operating systems; like Windows and Linux.
  • It has a high speed with less buffering and lagging.
  • It is easy to navigate through all the available servers.
  • You can connect up to six devices to it at the same time.
  • It’s easy to use the software. It provides a good interface for the user to access various options in it.
  • Very safe to use from anywhere and everywhere. Its accessibility, military-grade encryption, and protection make it unique.
  • You can safely surf through various websites on the internet anonymously.
  • Using the NordVPN service, one can anonymously access public Wi-Fi.
  • The “Kill Switch” option lets users quickly close all websites opened, using NordVPN protection. This comes in handy, especially when the network or service gets disrupted.
  • All the data that you send and receive are double-protected.
  • The new and advanced CyberSec option lets the user abscond ads. It also prevents malware from checking the Domain Name System for any threats.
  • It provides subscription plans at a very reasonable price for its excellent service.
  • NordVPN has been rated as one of the best service providers.

Cons of NordVPN service:

  • Discounts on annual plans only.
  • In case a refund is necessary, Nord takes almost 2–7 days to get the process done.
  • NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guaranteed service.
  • Doesn’t support split tunneling.
  • No discount for the 1-month plan.
  • Most NordVPN servers are centered in Europe.

Final Thoughts on NordVPN Review

To sum it all up in the NordVPN review, if one needs to use a VPN to provide anonymity for any purpose, NordVPN is the best. It gives high server security and covers up all the user’s personal info using the Nord standard IP address. It has a very large global reach. These VPN servers are spread in so many countries and can be easily accessed. NordVPN offers a fair price for all their plans and coupons for subscriptions. It is highly recommended to use this NordVPN service without any second thoughts.

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