The Benefits of Having a Wall Mounted PC

Are you ready to change your PC experience entirely? If you are an avid gamer, or you just want extra space, there are several advantages of choosing to wall-mount your PC. 

Basically, a wall-mounted PC is one that is directly mounted on a wall, as the name suggests. There are distinct ways, however, that you can achieve that wall mount setup.

Lucky for you, nowadays there are plenty more wall mounting PC resources and kits than a few years ago. Read on and discover the interesting payoffs of a wall-mounted PC.

The Benefits of Having a Wall Mounted PC
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Why You May Want to Use a Wall-Mounted PC

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why your gaming or work PC might be better for you if it’s on the wall. 

Save Space

In the first place, a desktop computer typically takes up a lot of space, particularly if you don’t have quite enough space to work with. 

If at any time you stretch, you are tired of hitting your PC with your legs, installing it on the wall might just be what you need.

By being able to sit in the proper ergonomic position, you would not only be able to work on your projects more easily, but also prevent leg cramps.

Adequate Airflow

The improved airflow is a big advantage of an open wall-mounted PC, particularly for gamers. You need your PC to still stay cool if you are playing the new AAA games with loads of graphic details. 

This is very significant as high temperatures will affect the efficiency of your GPU and processor with their “Turbo” modes. 

Basically, a well-cooled PC would normally be much quicker, thus higher frame rates for all your games, so adequate airflow is absolutely essential for gaming rigs.

All your components can get enough breathing room and enhance the overall output by using the wall mount alternative. If your PC is squeezed in a tight, blocked corner, then you may not get the most out of your expensive hardware. 

Showcase Your Build

There is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes from building your PC, as well as a great sense of accomplishment. In fact, PC assembly is a good functional skill for any IT enthusiast to have and is worth learning.

Now, after you’ve built a masterpiece, why would you prefer to put it under your desk? These days, you can add lots of amazing LED effects to your creation and offer a unique look to your rig. 

So, after putting in the effort to assemble a gaming machine, you should probably consider a wall mount. It’s about doing your equipment justice and being able to admire your workmanship.

The Benefits of Having a Wall Mounted PC
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How to Wall Mount Your PC

On a wall with a flat surface, install your PC and mounting kit. Make sure that the wall material and the regular (separately purchased) wall mount bracket are robust enough to accommodate the PC’s weight. 

Look at the back to see if it has a 100 mm pattern VESA mount, enabling a wall mount bracket to be installed. Remove the monitor stand to a clean and well-padded surface, lay the screen face down.

Detach the stand from the monitor when pressing and holding the quick-release button. Remove the screws on the back cover. To loosen the screws on the back cover, use a cross-pointed screwdriver. 

Four M4 x 10 mm screws should be used to connect the standard VESA wall mount bracket to the monitor. Make sure all the screws are tightened and kept secure.


In offices and households alike, mounting a PC on the wall like a TV is becoming increasingly common. Since we not only work on our PCs but also use then like our television sets these days, it makes sense.