The Best Travel Technology Today

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling on business or going for pleasure, you want it to be stress-free. This is true whether you’re traveling a few hundred miles or thousands and thanks to travel technology it can be easy.

Numerous travel products and services are now at your disposal. One of these top-of-the-line gadgets and apps can help you find the best flight, save some luggage space, and more. 

Some of them seem to be just too new age to overlook, others are adding convenience to your journey. Check out today’s best travel technology next.

The Best Travel Technology Today


Pocket-Size Washing Machine

Designed with a flexible washboard, the Scrubba Wash Bag is a compact, pocket-sized wash bag. It will not only enable you to do your washing anywhere on the road, but will also save you money and time. 

You’ll get your clothes fresh and clean in less than 3 minutes with only 2-4 liters of water and a bit of washing liquid. For campers, backpackers, and anyone venturing off the beaten path, it’s one of the best travel gadgets for $49.95.

The Best Travel Technology Today
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Smart Carry-On Suitcase

This innovative carry-on is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and is sleek, portable, and filled with tech features. Once the bag is opened in a dim light, a built-in LED light illuminates everything inside.

The flat top lets you use it as a compact working surface while traveling. Its detachable power bank with a USB-C connection can power a mobile device up to ten times.

In addition, the suitcase is fire resistant, recyclable, and comes with a smart tracking feature. That feature allows you to search its location, and when and where the bag is opened while you’re away. It costs $426.92 on Ebay.

The Best Travel Technology Today



For the perfect deal, you can track flight and hotel prices, explore experiences close to your destination, and organize your itinerary with everyone in your party with PlanChat. You can download it from the App Store at no charge

Using the poll functionality, you can quickly get a show of hands on whether everyone prefers a nice restaurant meal or a snack. Get opinions about where to stay, how to get there, and even divide the expenses among group members. 

Through PlanChat, you can also create a visual itinerary, constructing a travel map that involves sightseeing, restaurant, overnight hotel, and even plans for activities. 

PlanChat will automatically update these plans with ratings, information, and even pictures from a few of your other favorite apps (such as Yelp) to give you a detailed view of each plan all in one place. 


This handy app, which is now also available on desktop, will help you manage all your business travel requirements. Using the app, you can book flights and receive and track travel rewards.

Also, you can consolidate your work-related spending, track mileage, estimate the cost of your trip depending on local data, and even send reimbursement documents. 

You may easily snap a smartphone picture in your new hotel or meal ticket to scan. You can also track the budget of your trip, ensuring you remain within your limits or per diem rate in the area. You can download TravelBank from the  App Store or Google Play for free.

The Best Travel Technology Today
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goTenna Mesh

Built to stay connected to Android or iOS devices even when there is no cellular coverage, goTenna Mesh helps explorers to communicate when they are off-grid for $179.

This compact, pocket-sized unit, made of rugged materials, uses Bluetooth-LE to pair with a smartphone, allowing users to instantly exchange messages and location information in open spaces within a range of up to 4 miles. 

This new and improved backcountry communications tool comes with revolutionary mesh networking technology compared to the original goTenna. 

It allows private one-on-one and group chats or public broadcast messages through other devices to extend beyond point-to-point range.

The Best Travel Technology Today
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We are seeing increasing availability of new and creative travel technology which helps make traveling a whole lot easier and in turn more manageable. 

From smart suitcases to saving us space to travel organizer devices, there’s a tool or app out there to match all your travel needs.