ExtraTorrent Unblock – 100% Working Proxies To Unblock ExtraTorrent

Torrents have been one of the best sources to download movies, music, games, software, etc but not all of the torrent sites are reliable and offer good content. Piratebay was once considered to be one of the best platforms to download your desired contents but after it was shut down there were hardly any other reliable sources left through which one can download there desired contents. ExtraTorrent emerged during that phase and became one of the most popular torrent websites. Whenever you will talk to someone about the best torrent websites they will surely mention ExtraTorrent. You can almost everything on this torrent website. Whether it is music, movies, TV shows (new and classic), games, etc, everything is available here. Why ExtraTorrent became so popular? Is it just the wide availability of contents? No, this platform provided verified torrents and seeds which made it the most reliable torrent website of its time.

Unblock Extratorrents

Reasons Behind Blocking ExtraTorrent

No doubt it was doing great but due to a number of reasons like high piracy and internet regulations it has been blocked by many institutions or even ISPs and government. Governments in different countries like the United Kingdom have blocked ExtraTorrent due to copyright issues. Internet service providers actually blocked it because this platform contains high downloadable content. If you are not able to access this website then probably you are a victim of the above-mentioned issues. So it is done? Is it the end of ExtraTorrent? Will we never be able to access this website? No, actually we have got a solution for ExtraTorrent lovers, you can go for VPNs or proxy services to access ExtraTorrent without any issues. But which of them should you use? And which VPN or which proxy services are best for you? How to access and unblock ExtraTorrent using these VPNs and proxy sites? We will answer all these questions in the later section of this article.

ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites List (100% Working)

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You can unblock ExtraTorrent using with proxy sites and VPNs. Though if you don’t want to use any of these two methods then we are providing you with the ExtraTorrent alternatives through which you can get similar contents and the similar type of services with ease.

How to Unblock ExtraTorrent & Torrent Safely ?

You can actually use both VPN and proxy services to unblock ExtraTorrent and access it but there is a slight difference between the working of these two. They both will hide your identity and will make you anonymous on the web but they work differently so they offer you with different level of protection. Internet proxy services will actually let you access the web through different channels so basically when you try to access the web through proxy services your connection is not established in a straight line with the web rather it goes through a number of steps hence your IP address is not revealed when you use a proxy service.

There is no doubt that proxy services are handy while accessing blocked and restricted contents on the internet but are they really safe? No, proxy services are only good at hiding your IP address but they don’t encrypt your connection. Which means that your data is not fully secured when you are using proxy services to access blocked and restricted contents.

VPNs are comparatively much better than proxy services and that is why they are more popular than proxy services. VPNs not only hide your IP address but also they encrypt your connection which makes your connection more secured and increases the safety of your data. Since the cases of data loss and concern regarding the cybercrime are increasing day by day we will suggest you prefer VPNs over proxy sites. When it is about the process to unblock ExtraTorrent proxy sites are not that compatible because of the two reasons; the first one is that proxy sites do not encrypt your connection and you are less secured, the second one is that ExtraTorrent uses javascript and proxy sites can create issues due to that and you will keep getting error messages on your screen which you definitely don’t want while browsing the website.


[su_note note_color=”#b5b7bd” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”2″]VPNs are the best solution to torrenting. While using proxy sites you will have to memorize port numbers and connection settings as well whereas with VPNs there is no such issue. No ISP or any third party can ever get your information while you are on VPN.[/su_note]

If you have once turned on your VPN then every application under your system is protected by VPN so suppose if you are using ExtraTorrent via VPN and downloading some stuff meanwhile you can also access your Facebook account securely. It would not be wrong to say that VPNs these days are more generated by keeping torrenting on the top priority. VPNs are easy to use and you can access ExtraTorrent as well as other similar big sites without any complication no matter if you are a non-tech guy.

05 Best VPNs to Unblock ExtraTorrents

Here we will be providing you with the best VPNs as well as proxy sites to unblock ExtraTorrent and download your favorite content from the website. First of all, let’s start with the best VPNs to unblock ExtraTorrent;

1. IPVanish:

If you are really serious about your security on the internet and want to access the blocked and restricted websites without any complications then this is probably one of the best VPNs to do that. It is a VPN software to unblock ExtraTorrent and access its content. The VPN is US-based and does its job like a charm. The VPN is fast and has one of the best encryption.

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2. NordVPN

It is one of the most popular VPNs available on the internet. You ask any VPN user about the best VPNs out there on the internet and you will hear this name for sure. You can unblock ExtraTorrent using NordVPN and download your favorite kinds of stuff with ease. It offers double encryption which makes you more secure than ever. You also get DNS leak protection with this VPN.

3. Ivacy

You can visit torrent sites anonymously using this VPN and one of the best features is that you don’t need to compromise in terms of speed as well. You get awesome security through this VPN while torrenting.

4. PureVPN

If you are one who doesn’t want to compromise in terms of speed, security, and ease at a single time then this is the best VPN for you. This VPN has got the security that you want, the speed that you want and a user-friendly interface as well. You can unblock ExtraTorrent with this and browse the website without compromising with the speed.

5. PrivateVPN

It can unblock geo-restricted websites on the internet like a pro and you also get awesome internet speed through this VPN. With servers in more than 56 countries and the user-friendly platform, it is a convenient VPN.

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So these are a few of the best VPNs through which you can unblock ExtraTorrent and browse the internet anonymously and securely. Let us now learn about proxy sites through which you can unblock ExtraTorrent. Though you can best unblock Extratorrent with VPN services we are still providing you with the best free proxy sites which you can give a shot;

04 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

#1. Iso Hunt:

It is probably the best alternative to ExtraTorrent as it has got a wide variety of contents that are similar to ExtraTorrent. The website categorizes torrents on a genre basis and you can get almost everything you expect for.

#2. RARBG:

It is also a highly popular torrent website just like ExtraTorrent hence among the best alternatives to it. It provides genuine contents hence is highly popular among its users.

#3. 1337x:

You can get fresh as well as old contents on this platform and it is one of the most stylish torrent website available on the internet. It is among the top contenders of ExtraTorrent alternatives.

#4. LimeTorrents:

The website has got a really simple design hence you won’t face any issues with the user interface. The website is easy to navigate through and one can easily access its content without any issues.

These are the best alternatives to ExtraTorrent available on the internet. You can check these ones by one of these are working for you or not. If none of them work for you then you have got the only solution to use either VPN or proxy sites to access the torrent websites.

Final Words: 

No doubt ExtraTorrent is highly popular among its users all over the world but due to different issues it is often blocked or restricted in certain areas. To unblock ExtraTorrent and access its contents you can go for either VPN services or proxy sites. The third option is to choose alternatives. You can choose from the above-mentioned VPNs or proxy sites or alternatives to enjoy torrenting.