Top 15 Best Disney Movies Of All Time

Today, I am going to share a collection of best Disney Movies. If you want to download and watch best free movies online then you can choose any one of below listed. Today’s most of the people have smartphone with internet.

Some people are used to Download Movies and watch them online. Searching latest movies online is boring task. So this post is for you, There are many movies available on the web to watch for free. Here we have discovered the top 15 Best Disney Movies Ever.

Disney has been providing endless entertainment for many years. Though it was technically made for the kids, at present people belonging to different age group fall in love with Disney. At present, Disney have partnered with Marvel and Lucasfilm in order to expand their cinematic universe and provide a better cinematic experience to its audience. Disney has produced a lot wonderful movies and among those best Disney movies mentioned below:

Best Disney Movies Ever

Best Disney Movies Ever

I have shared the list of top best Disney Movies which is most popular Disney movies of all time. So, Download and Watch your favourite one from this list and enjoy it.


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The central character of this movie is Aladdin who falls in love with Jasmine, a Princess. Unfortunately, he cannot marry her because he is not a prince. After that, he finds a magic lamp that changes his fortune.

The movie, Aladdin, is popular for its sarcastic parrots, magic carpets, blue genies that is very mysterious and the evil character named Jafar Hellbent, ruler of Agarbah. The movie is full of entertainment and thriller. Besides, the title music is awesome and it will be glued into the mind of the audience.

#2. Peter Pan

The story centers around a magical boy who is Peter Pan. He and his fairy friend, Tinkerbell are the main characters and the story depicts how they face various challenges.

Peter Pan is one of the best Disney movies of all time. The movie is all about the kids who always want to stay kids and the movie shows how they fight pirates, chill in a mermaid lagoon and avoid tickling alligators.

#3. The Lion King

The story is all about the young lion, Simba who returns after a long time to reclaim his throne as his father, Mufasa was killed by his wicked uncle, Scar.

The Lion King is considered as the masterpiece of Disney. The film was released in 1994 and the film is rich in stunning visuals and various characters. Critics are of the opinion that it is based on Hamlet but, the representation is completely different. Besides the movie consists of beautiful songs like “Hakuna Matata” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”

#4. Cinderella

Cinderella, the central character is dominated by her cruel stepmother. Because of her cruel stepmother, the life of Cinderella is filled with problems and difficulties. But the Fairy Godmother has different plan as she helps Cinderella in order to get rid of this problem.

Cinderella is one of the best classical movies produced by Disney. The story is about a girl who meets a boy and the possessiveness of the boy with shoes makes the story interesting. The movie is popular for its characterization, romanticism and beautiful plot construction.

#5. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid depicts the independence of a woman who is basically a mermaid and she is the central character of the story. She does not like her father because of his dominating attitude.

The characterization of the story is great and the attitude of the central character makes it different from others; she goes against the mer-patriarchy, battles a giant octopus and lives life as she wants.


Due to blight, plants and the fish start dying on Moana’s island. She, therefore, is on a journey to return the heart of goddess Te Fitti, to Maui.

Moana is the latest release and one of the best movies by Disney. The movie reflects Disney’s artistic skill which cannot be compared to others. Moana creates an emotional and magical impact upon the viewers and thus it gets a place easily in the core of the audience’s heart.

#7. Beauty and the Beast

If you are looking for a movie where you will get the artistic combination of beast and human, then this movie is made for you. The movie shows a love story between human and the beast. Though the plot construction is quite strange, the romanticism and beautiful visuals showed in this movie will definitely capture the heart of the audience.

#8. The Emperor’s New Groove

It is one of the greatest creations by Disney. The movie is famous for its characterization, artistic representation of the story, plot construction. Besides the lines uttered by Kronk are mind-blowing. In short, it must be added that it is a movie that you will watch multiple times.

#9. Mulan

Mulan is another great movie by Disney that focuses on women. The central character of the movie is a woman who always faces difficulties because of her gender.

Another interesting character is acute talking dragon. The movie depicts how the woman saves a city from invasion with the help of the dragon. The plot construction and characterization are very artistically done by Disney in this movie.

#10. The Princess and the Frog

If you think that princess are white and beautiful, then you will prove yourself wrong while watching The Princess and the Frog where Disney introduces black princess for the first time. The character is presented in such a way that you fall in love with the character easily.

The movie consists of life lessons, beautiful song. Besides the Frog prince is also a very interesting as well as sweet character that will surely win the heart of the viewers.

#11. Pocahontas

Pocahontas is one of the best animated films made by Disney. The movie is popular for its music. “Paint with All the Colors of the Wind”, “Just Around the River Bend” are very beautiful songs that achieved a secured place in the mind of the ‘90s kids.

#12. Bambi

If you want to get an emotional taste, Bambi is made for you. The scene where Bambi’s mother dies makes the audience very emotional and you cannot watch the scene without weeping. The characterization makes the movie one of the best animated movies by Disney. Except that emotional scene, the film consists of cheerful and enjoyable scenes where bunnies, shy skunks want to be best forest friends (BFF) with everyone.

#13. The Brave Little Toaster

It is another interesting as well as enjoyable animated movie by Disney. It is a kind of adventurous film and the characterization is very different from others. The story is all about a plucky toaster that goes on an adventure with a vacuum cleaner, a light, a radio and a blanket.

#14. The Incredibles

The story of this film is all about a superhero family who want to live a simple sunurban life. Because of the government’s command, they have to keep secret their power but their desire to help people creates some situation where they have to reveal their secret.

It is an action-adventure film which was released long before Marvel and DC. Though it is far more cartoonish than Marvel and DC, but the characterization and plot construction of this movie will definitely achieve a place in the heart of the viewer. The funny impact that the film offers to its viewers is definitely a positive aspect of this film.

#15. Monsters, Inc

The film is another great animated piece by Disney and it is an adventurous film that also provides comical taste to the viewers. Monsters and children- these two are major aspects of this film where monsters want to scare the children and on the other side children becomes toxic to the monsters. They want to dominate the city but in the end they realize that they are not in the right track.


To sum up, it must be mentioned that these top 15 best Disney films would definitely provide an all round entertainment and you would not regret after watching these masterpieces.