Computer Solutions: How to Get Rid of Viruses

We constantly risk making ourselves susceptible to attacks by hackers and viruses as society is more intertwined. It’s frustrating and worrisome to have a virus on your Mac or PC, but it’s also normal and treatable.

More often, computer viruses are unseen. You might not realize you have one without anti-virus protection. This is why the installation of anti-virus software on all your devices is important. 

Knowing how to get rid of a computer virus is important if your computer is compromised. Read on to learn how you can remove computer viruses.

Computer Solutions: How to Get Rid of Viruses

How To Check For and Get Rid of Viruses

You can try to remove a computer virus yourself, but it can be difficult unless you are experienced. Installing antivirus software from a reputable company is a simpler answer. To ensure that you don’t leave your computer unprotected, you can let the experts do it for you.

An antivirus program can also scan your external hard drive when it is plugged in; it is also known as security software. But, remember that not every program checks the hard disk. Here are simple steps to scan for computer viruses and to remove them.

How to Scan for Computer Viruses

Download a virus scanner or an Internet security solution. It is a smart option to disconnect from the internet when you remove a virus from your PC to avoid any damage, for some computer viruses use the internet connection to grow.

Reboot it in ‘Safe Mode’ to protect your device when you are removing the virus. Then, using ‘Disk Clean Up’, erase any temporary files. To search for viruses and malware, run a security scan using security software.

Using a service, remove active viruses and malware. It will carry out a scan and provide you with instructions on the screen. When all instructions are followed, restart your computer.

Final Steps

Change all your passwords in case they have been compromised, to protect your device from further attack. This is only strictly needed if you have reason to assume that malware has stolen your passwords.

Ensure that your computer software is updated with the new security. For example, it’s a great choice to install the new version immediately when you’re notified of a Windows update or web browser update.

Set updates automatically for your security software, web browser, and operating system (like Windows or Mac OS). This certainly keeps the operating system updated and ready for the new threats to be discovered and treated.

How To Remove a Computer Virus From a Mac

You may believe that you can’t get a virus on your Mac. However, this is a myth. Compared to the many that threaten PCs, there are lesser viruses that attack Macs, but Mac viruses are real. 

Few Mac viruses are created to fool users into believing that they are anti-virus products. Your computer will be corrupted if you mistakenly download one of these. Below are five steps to take to remove it if you think your Mac has a virus.

How to Scan for Mac Computer Viruses

Computer Solutions: How to Get Rid of Viruses

Remove browser extensions. This can be done by selecting “Safari Extensions” above the Safari menu. There will be a list of extensions. Select “Uninstall” if something seems foreign.

Then, proceed to your Applications folder. Remove them by dragging them into the Trash if you see any suspicious-looking applications, then empty your trash basket. Repeat this step in the library folder of your Mac.

If you don’t have one, simply install a running anti-virus solution to guarantee nothing is overlooked and to keep your Mac safe.


It may be attributed to a virus if your computer is behaving oddly. With the computer solution above, finding out how to get rid of a virus from your PC or Mac doesn’t have to be difficult.