Discover the Biggest Players in the Technology Industry

Technology has dramatically transformed the way people interact, access knowledge, buy, interact, and function. With the exponential development of tech, there are companies making big business in technological innovation

In recent years, technology firms have become an influential determinant of economic development, customer preferences, and financial markets. Some of these companies have become the world’s wealthiest organizations.  

Read on to discover the biggest players who rule the technology industry.

Discover the Biggest Players in the Technology Industry


Google’s acquisition list is indeed long, recording more than 200 acquisitions since its inception in 1998. 

Google may have started out as a search engine but it is a major technology industry giant today. It is one of the best-known search engines in the world and makes major profits from advertising. 

The strong web giant is only expanding further with time as they constantly launch new technology products. And some of those products like Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs are no longer perks, but a necessity. 

Discover the Biggest Players in the Technology Industry

Apple Inc.

Apple develops, produces, and sells a wide variety of consumer technology goods including smartphones, personal computers, laptops, wearable devices, and more. 

iPhone smartphones and Mac computers are among its most popular products. Apple has also stepped up its services revenues significantly. 

It manages digital content stores and has officially opened a range of subscription services like Apple+, an on-demand entertainment content platform.

Discover the Biggest Players in the Technology Industry

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

In key product areas, Samsung Electronics faces competition with Apple and other major tech companies around the world. It is engaged in a wide variety of businesses involving consumer electronics, IT, and communications. 

This company, hailing from South Korea, sells mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices, virtual reality products, televisions, and home theaters, computers, printers, home appliances, and more. 

Samsung is known primarily for its Galaxy smartphone line.

Discover the Biggest Players in the Technology Industry

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd.

Hon Hai Precision, also regarded as Foxconn, is a global manufacturer of electronics based in Taiwan. Foxconn is a major provider in Apple’s supply chain, producing a substantial share of its iPhones. 

The company manufactures devices and components for use in the fields of information technology, communications, automotive equipment, automotive, precision molding, and consumer electronics.

Discover the Biggest Players in the Technology Industry

Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft is a global software, device, solutions, and services developer and licensor. The company is renowned for its Windows and Office Suite software. 

The company is gaining a rising share in its cloud computing income and sales and has established its cloud computing service called Azure. Microsoft also owns and manages LinkedIn, a popular job-seeker social networking site.

Discover the Biggest Players in the Technology Industry

Sony Corp.

Sony is a Japanese technology company designing and manufacturing electronics products for the global consumer, professional, and industrial markets. 

The company markets products such as personal computers, mobile phones, software, and video game consoles, and video cameras. 

It also manufactures and distributes recorded music, live-action, and animated motion pictures. PlayStation, the iconic video game console, is manufactured and sold by Sony.

Discover the Biggest Players in the Technology Industry

International Business Machines Corp.

IBM is an integrated software and solutions company, also recognized as ‘Big Blue.’ The company is popular for its innovative Watson machine, which offers a collection of enterprise-ready AI software, applications, and tools. 

The company provides software and IT solutions for a wide variety of uses, spanning healthcare, financial services, Internet of Things ( IoT), weather, security, and cloud computing.

Discover the Biggest Players in the Technology Industry

Intel Corp.

Intel is a leading global manufacturer of computer processors and supplier of applications for computing, networking, data storage, and communication. 

The business provides software solutions for cloud, enterprise, and communication technology markets. It offers flash memory, programmable semiconductors, and processors for notebooks, mobile devices, and desktop computers. 

The company has a good reputation for businesses and customers worldwide for its high-performance processors that are used in PCs.


Today, technology itself is one of the major drivers for all other markets. Ultimately, the technology industry is growing because these businesses provide solutions to help businesses and individuals grow.