How to Download and Install ARC Welder for PC/Windows [Run Android Apps]

ARC Welder for PC: With the advancements in the technology comes the concept of emulators. A lot of people these days want to run Android apps of their computer which seemed like a dream before the concept of android emulators was brought. In this article we will be talking about one such android emulator; ARC Welder which is available in the form of Google Chrome Extension. We will let you know how you can download and install ARC Welder for PC.

Downloading and installing android emulators is not always fun to do the task and most of the people find it a monotonous task which is absolutely true. You have to wait for a long time to download the package then it takes time to install and then you can try your android apps on it but ARC welder for PC is the best solution to this problem. You can say ARC Welder for PC is one of the best initiatives by Google for Chrome. For developers, ARC welder is one of the best ways to test your apps in the simplest manner. If you are a developer then this is one of the safest methods for app testing.

ARC Welder Download for PC,Laptop
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The installation process is much similar to that of other Android emulators. One of the best features of this emulator is that you can actually use this emulator without installing any third-party software. You only need a Google Chrome web browser to use this android emulator. You only need to download ARC welder for PC and then install it. ARC Welder mac is also available for Mac OS users. This extension is only 12.78 MB of size.

So without getting any delays to let us learn how to download and install Chrome ARC Welder for PC;

Installing ARC Welder for PC is not a difficult task and you need not be a professional in order to install ARC Welder extension on Google Chrome. Once you have completed the installation process successfully you are all set to use your android apps on PC. Let us now learn the steps to install ARC Welder extension on your Google Chrome;


How to Download and Use ARC Welder in PC/Windows to Run Android Apps

01. First of all, you need to have Google Chrome web browser on your PC. If you are not having the Google Chrome web browser then you can manually install it from the web.

02. Once you have successfully installed the Google Chrome web browser on your PC, open it into a new tab.

03. Here on the new page, you will find the installation page of ARC welder extension.


Arc Welder Download for PC

04. Now click on the “Add to Chrome” button. As you will click on this button a new pop-up will appear asking you to Add app on chrome, simply click on “Add App” button to proceed.

05. Your downloading will start as soon as you will click on Add App button. The downloading process will not take a lot amount of your time and the downloading time totally depends upon your internet connection speed.

06. After your downloading has finished the installation process will start automatically.

07. Once your extension is installed Chrome will redirect you to the extension page here you can see the ARC Welder icon. In order to use it just click on the icon.

08. As you are starting it for the first time ARC welder will ask you to provide it with the location where you want to save all the activities and files. You can choose an existing folder or you can create a new folder as well. In order to decide the location click on the “Choose” button.

09. On the next page, you will get the option of “Add your APK” and the page will label “Test Your App”.

10. You will have to download the APK file on your computer from the web and click on “Add your APK” option and choose the file that you want to test.

11. The next page is for configuration setup where you can decide the ‘orientation’.

12. After you are done with that click on the “Test” button. Just wait for a moment and the app will start in a new window.


You can follow these steps to download and install ARC welder extension on your PC and use your desired android apps on your computer. Though ARC welder is not a stable version and you might experience certain bugs while using it but this is a great option for testing purpose. For mild usage, ARC welder extension is one of the best android emulators available on the internet. If you are too cautious about using any random android app then this is the best platform to serve the purpose. That’s all for now, download and install ARC welder extension and use the android app on your PC.

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