Discover 10 Keyboard Apps for Android

Everybody has a different style and everyone wants to decorate their smartphones in their own way. Therefore, it must be mentioned that everybody prefers different type of keyboard. We need a keyboard for writing SMS, MMS and answering to mails. We also need it to make notes and web searches.

There are many keyboard applications available on the android play store, and each keyboard has its own features. Here, in this article, you will come to know about the top 10 best keyboard apps for Android.


Best Keyboard Apps for Android 2019

  • Go Keyboard - Keyboard App for Android
  • Gboard - the Google Keyboard
  • SwiftKey
  • Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard 2.0
  • Ginger
  • Flesky
  • TouchPal
  • Chrooma Keyboard
  • MessagEase Keyboard
  • Smart Keyboard

#1. Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard
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If you love to use emoji in your chats and messages, this keyboard is made for you as it has 140+ emoji themes. Besides, it consists of more than 900 emojis and attractive keyboard layouts which would surely make a good impression upon you.

Another important feature is its multiple-language support. It supports more than 65 languages with various input methods, and it also helps to increase the typing speed of yours. So, using Go Keyboard would be a smart choice for you.

#2. Gboard

Gboard for Android
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Gboard is another free keyboard application of Google and it has all the features that you are looking for. Some of its important characteristics are mentioned below:

  • Gesture typing
  • It supports multi-language
  • In-build Google search option
  • Users can input emoji

Besides, users will get continuous updates from Google, and therefore users can taste a bug-free experience. It also helps you to get nearby stores, restaurants and many other important things.

#3. SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard
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SwiftKey has been gaining popularity since its launch as it provides functional and cosmetic customizations. Swipe typing is a great feature that makes it different from others

The app is completely free and available on the Google Play Store. It has some amazing features which are mentioned below:

  • SwiftKey Cloud
  • There is a predictive tool that is used to connect to your social profile. Thus, SwiftKey learns to type habits from your social activities.
  • Predictive emoji.

#4. Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard 2.0

Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard for andorid
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Users who do not like QWERTY keyboard may install Dextr on their Android devices.

Dextr provides keyboard letters that are systemized in alphabetic order. Therefore, you do not have to look for letters here and there. It is adaptable and even better than an alphanumeric keypad. So, people who have shifted from normal feature phones to Android smartphones will surely love this android app. Besides, the sizes of the keys are finger-friendly. Dextr supports more than ten languages, and it has a special layout for the left-handers.

#5. Ginger

Ginger KeyBoard
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Ginger is another free keyboard app that always keeps improving. It has gained huge popularity and there are some reasons behind this.

One of the important reasons is the text prediction analysis, which is very helpful for its users. Other reasons are as follows:

  • Spell Checker that simplifies quick grammatical correction, typing as well as punctuation
  • Sentence recomposition system that reduces repetition
  • It also acts as a notebook, and text files created in this app can be easily shared on other platforms in real time.

#6. Flesky

Flesky Keyboard App
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Flesky is another free keyboard app that makes your writing effortless. It is one of the most top rated apps on play store. It has a lot of themes and users can even change the color of keyboard. It has auto-correction which is very accurate.

For emoji lovers, this keyboard would be very appropriate as it offers more than 800 options which make your conversations very precious. Users can also send GIF messages through this keyboard.

#7. TouchPal

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TouchPal is a great keyboard app that gives you a complete package. It has all the premium features that you are looking for. TouchPal has gesture typing with word prediction. Besides, it has auto-correction, and it consists of multiple layouts.

It has some extra features for its premium users. While shifting from an old device to a new device, Users with premium access can synchronize their personal dictionary and predictive typing setting with the new device. It also offers improved typing suggestions and an emoji gallery.

#8. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard for Android
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Chrooma is one of the best free keyboards for Android. It has some amazing features that would surely make a good impression on you. Some of its interesting features are mentioned below:

  • Swipe typing
  • Predictive typing
  • Autocorrection

It also has battery saving mode, which is very helpful when your device has low battery. It basically changes its color according to the active app, and thus it saves some power. Furthermore, it also has a night mode that would be very useful while typing in the darkness.

#9. MessagEase Keyboard

MessagEase Keyboard
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MessagEase keyboard is completely different from other keyboard apps. It will provide a very good typing experience that you will not get from others.

The keyboard helps you to type faster, and it is scientifically designed to increase the speed of your typing. It supports 82 words per minute. You can even bold and underline your text through this application.

#10. Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard - Best Keyboard App
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If you do not like small key sizes, you should add some smartness to your keyboard and for this particular reason, you should go for Smart Keyboard which is a free Android application available on Play Store.

Smart Keyboard helps you to resize the keys; you can make it either bigger or smaller. The choice is yours. But one important thing that you should keep in mind is that if you increase the size of the keys, a few options will be available on the screen.

Besides, the design of this keyboard is similar to that of the iPhone keyboard and therefore, if you are an iPhone lover, this keyboard would surely attract you.


In conclusion, it may be remarked that the keyboard becomes an important aspect in our daily life as we use it daily in our professional life as well as private life. Therefore, the selection of a suitable keyboard is an important thing that you should do first. Here, in this article, you will get the details of the top 10 free Android keyboards, and it would surely help you to make the right choice.

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