Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

best photo editing apps


If we talk about the key-features of a smartphone, camera will be in the top. It is because people nowadays use their smartphone as a portable camera. Except calling and texting, photography is done by most of the users. Consequently, at present, smartphones are coming with many sensors that make the outcomes of camera very good. But if we compare the photos clicked on smartphone with the photos clicked on DSLR camera, we can notice huge differences. The main reason behind this is the quality of sensors. Mostly, mid-range smartphones do not consist of all the sensors that we generally see in the premium smartphones. Therefore, mid-range smartphone users who love to take photos on smartphones do not get their desired outcomes.

Though it is a fact that carrying a DSLR camera or purchasing a premium smartphone is quite a difficult task to do, we still have solutions for that. This article is going to help you to get the ultimate taste of photography. In this article, we will discuss about top 10 best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android. These apps are not made to improve the camera’s performance as it is completely related to the hardware of device. But, these applications are capable of doing a lot more than your expectations. These apps will give image editing tools that consist of all the options which you need to add a professional touch to your photo. These applications are mentioned below:

The Best Photo-Editing Apps for Android and iOS

1. Adobe Lightroom CC- Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom CC

The photo editing softwares made by Adobe are always outstanding in class. You will get an extensive set of enhancement tools in these softwares. Lightroom CC is not an exceptional piece as it has got all the features that you need to make your photos better.

Lightroom CC is specially designed for smartphone users. The user interface is very simple as well as attractive and the app comes with a lot of filters and editing tools. Besides, you can click pictures in auto, HDR and Pro modes with different camera effects. The free version of this app is really good but, if you want a true photoshop experience, you should go for the premium version. The premium version comes with Adobe Sensei that automatically identifies objects and tags the photos using AI based technology. Along with this, it also offers 100GB of cloud storage to save your photos online.

Android  IOS

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2. Cymera Camera

Cymera - Best Photo Editor Apps

Cymera is one of the best photo editing apps for smartphone users. It not only has a photo editing tool but also works as a camera app that has two different modes. One is selfie mode that has endless filters and it is perfect for clicking beautiful selfies. Secondly, it has a rear camera mode that you can use to click awesome pictures using the rear camera of your smartphone.

The editing tool consists of various options like mosaic, texture and hue complexion for adjusting saturation. Besides, you can make collage through this app. You can even make memes by adding text to your photos. You can apply different font styles and shades to make your meme more attractive. Another important aspect of this app is automatic face recognition feature that automatically detects face and applies make-up effects. The app has also more than 200 different make-up effects that can be manually applied.

Android  IOS

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3. Snapseed – Best Photo Editor Apps on Android


If you are looking for a photo editing app that will enhance the quality of pictures clicked on smartphones, Snapseed is perfect for you. The app is completely free and rich in feature. It has numerous filters and unique photo editing options that you might not get in other apps. Without decreasing the quality, you can edit DNG files and export them as JPG.

Another interesting feature of this app is the ‘QR Look’. Through this feature, you can create a QR code of the final outcome and later you can easily apply the same effects on other unedited images by just scanning the code.

Android  IOS

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4.  PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

Another great photo editing tool for smartphone users is Photo Director that has a very good user interface. The app comes with an extensive set of editing tools like filters, different add-ons, light effects that you can easily apply to add richness to your clicked photos.

One of the important features of this app is ‘object removal’. This feature makes it different from others. This feature allows the user to remove unwanted objects from an image in a very delicate way. Along with this, it also has a camera tool that is equipped with a lot of filters and you can apply these while clicking pictures. Besides, face detection as well as gesture support make the app more useful to its users.

Android  IOS

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5. Photo Editor for Android 

Photo editor for Android is another free photo editing tool that is useful for enhancing as well as adjusting your photos. The user-interface of this app is very good and users will not face any kind of difficulty for using the features of this app. The app comes with a huge collection of filters and it has lots of frames that you can apply to give a unique look to your photos.

The app consists of many features and one among these is the ‘pixel art’ that you can use to convert your images into pixel art. Besides, you can add blur, vignette and warmth to your photos. The app also lets its users to convert an ordinary photo in Hd. Along with these; you can change the orientation of your photo and alter color as well as sharpness. The app also has many stickers that you can add to make your photo funny and cool. We always want to share our masterpieces on social platforms to get ultimate pleasure and this app will not disappoint you in this case as it has a sharing option that you can use to share your photos on Facebook, Instagram etc. directly from the app.


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6. VSCO – Best Free Photo Editing Apps

VSCO - top best photo editing app

VSCO is one of the most popular photo editing tools. The app is a perfect combination of clean user interface and comprehensive set of image editing tools. With superior mobile presets and advanced camera controls, you can capture beautiful pictures and add professional touch to your photo.

The developers have developed the app in a very organized way. There are only four options in the home screen and each option is bundled with endless features. The app has a huge collection of filters and instruments for enhancing the quality of pictures. Besides, VSCO community is also a unique place where you can see masterpieces of creative people. You can observe the styles and effects added by them and then implement those styles into your images. VSCO also has a premium pack that is designed to provide a wide range of regularly updated presets. Along with this, it has a video editing tool that will surely enhance your artistic creativity.

Android  IOS

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7. Camly Photo Editor and Collages

Camly – Photo Editor for Android and IOS

If you are a beginner in this photo editing field and looking for a simple app, Camly is suitable for you. The paramount aspect of this app is its simple user interface. There are only seven options for enhancing photos in the home screen. Therefore, you will not face any sort of complexities while editing your photos.

The in-app camera tool of this app is not good but the final outcomes of this photo editing tool look great. The app has a huge collection of stickers and text based additions that can be easily applied on photos for giving it a rich texture as well as unique look. You can also utilize these features to make awesome memes. Besides, you can also create collages by using this app.

Android  IOS

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8. Pixlr

Pixlr - Photo Collages, Effect

Pixlr is another great photo editing apps for smartphone users. The user-interface of this app is very simple. You will find the extensive set of editing options beautifully organized in to just five categories and everything is available on home page. The editing tool consists of stickers, overlays, doodling tools, various filters etc.

Another important aspect of this app is ‘collages’. The collage making tool of this app is really great and you can create awesome collages through this app. Besides, the sharing option of this app is also great. Through this, you can share your edited photos on social platforms directly from the app.

Android  IOS

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9. PicsArt – Photo Editing Apps for Selfies

PicsArt Photo Editor - Collage

PicsArt is another popular photo editing tool that has both huge collection of filters and enormous collection of editing tools. Shortly, it must be said that it is an all-rounder in the photo editing field and it consists of everything that you need to make your photo outstanding. The interface of this app is very user-friendly and you will get this app completely free on Android Play Store.

The in-app camera of this app has dynamic features. The live enhancement tools like scene detection, filters, and stickers make this app different from other camera app. The editing tool of this app consists of endless features like collage maker, text-addition in various fonts, eye-soothing backgrounds, masks etc. Besides, PicsArt organizes weekly challenges for the community members for exhibiting their talents. If you think you have something to show, you can easily participate and win some exciting items.

Android  IOS

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10. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is a great photo editing tool and we cannot complete our list without mentioning this app. The app is popular for its huge collection of eye-catching filters. If you are truly looking for an app that will give you endless filters, Prisma is perfect for you. Each filter has its own uniqueness and it will surely develop your artistic creativity.

However, Prisma is not only a photo editing tool but also a social media platform. You can share your edited photos and portray your artistic creativity in front of others. You can even follow other people who have made art a part of their life.

Android  IOS

Conclusion: Best Photo Editing Apps

In conclusion, it may be remarked that each app has its own uniqueness and if you love to play with art and photography, these photo editing apps are going to be a part of your life. However, there are many other apps available online, but these are the top 10 best photo editing apps. These applications are completely safe to install and therefore, install and become a professional photographer.