Download Periscope for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop

Download Periscope for PC Windows

Download Periscope for PC: Hello Friends, If you are Searching for Periscope on PC Windows & Mac, then You came to the right place.


Periscope is a Twitter application that allows you to transmit "streaming videos", that is live. Directly using your Twitter account, and an Android phone. But not only can you transmit via Periscope, but you can also access the streaming of other Twitter users that use this application. These live broadcasts can be commented on in real-time, and you will see what your followers think about your video at that moment. Today, Periscope is a success when it comes to transmitting videos of all kinds. It is considered to be the best Video streaming app for Twitter. However, there are some places where these types of transmissions are prohibited – in Wimbledon tennis tournaments.

Download Periscope for Windows

But the problem with Periscope is that it is an exclusive application for mobile devices. So, there is no official way to run Periscope App on PC Windows. Therefore, it is necessary to have some type of Android emulator for PCs, and in this way make it go. Before you can do anything, you need to download the APK from the application. For that, you will have to use APK Downloader to download it from Google Play. Or, APK Mirror to download it directly from there. Once you have this, it's time to try the emulators. However, you should bear in mind that you will only be able to watch the videos of others, and not transmit yourself.

You can make use of Arc Welder. With it, you will be able to run a few of the applications. Yes, "a few". Unfortunately, not all manage to work correctly. To install it, just open the Google browser and download the web app from the Chrome Web Store. Then you execute it, and it will ask for the APK that you downloaded before, and that's it. Choose the format and enjoy the videos. The second option is Blue-Stacks, a program that opens Android applications in Windows. You have to enter the website, download the client, and then install the program. Once in, it is a matter of looking for the Periscope for the Windows app.


Periscope Notifications for PC

Periscope is a public network where you can upload your videos like playing cricket, enjoying music, watching movies on your laptop, or computer, eating in a restaurant, and others, whatever you want, you can share in the Periscope app. Well-popular global social media are Facebook and Twitter, most celebrities use Twitter as an application for default messaging. Periscope PC version can be downloaded for Windows 10, 7, 8, and Laptops. You can download Periscope for PC with an Android emulator.

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Thanks to the realized function of notifications in the Periscope, you will never miss the start of the broadcast to the Periscope of an interesting user. You only need to select the users you are interested in and when you start the video broadcast, you will receive a notification. As mentioned above, Periscope can be downloaded on a PC, currently it is only possible using third-party programs. The most popular way to install Periscope on a PC today is to use the Android operating system emulator. As soon as the official Periscope application comes out on your computer, you will not need any emulators. You can watch the Periscope broadcast on a computer, you can do it through a browser by clicking on the link from Twitter if someone shares it.

How to Download Periscope for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop

In order to download Periscope to your computer, you need to install the Android operating system emulator on your PC, and install Periscope on your PC inside the emulator.

  • Download and install the Android OS emulator on your PC
  • You can download the best android emulator; Bluestacks, from here.
  • You enter the Google Play account in the emulator,
  • In the search bar of the emulator, enter Periscope and click on Search.
  • Click to install Periscope
  • You are waiting for the installation of the Periscope application on the computer to be completed.
  • Open the Periscope on the computer and enter it (for this you can use your Twitter account or register)

Conclusion: Periscope for Windows 7, 8, 10

The Periscope for PC application has exactly the same features, and settings as the Periscope on the phone. All broadcasts are also stored for 24 hours, subscribers can comment on your video, and put likes. In addition, fine settings will also be available to you. For example, you will be able to limit the number of users watching your Periscope broadcast and organize a private video broadcast (only for invited users). Since the application is quite new, there is a great opportunity to take a beautiful and melodic name for your video channel, which will allow you to increase the number of subscribers and likes. The more likes you have, the faster you reach the top of the Wish List. You can save your favorite live-streaming. The coolest point is that this app, no matter for Pc, or Mobile, consumes less Internet data.

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