Learn About Machine Learning With Google AI Experiments

To help improve efficiencies and increase our human capacity, intelligent devices influence every aspect of our society. With all that we do, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is so entangled; it's hard to imagine life without it.

AI has come a long way from estimating house prices to recognizing digits. Google has been using AI to perform several tasks, from delivering tailored search engine recommendations to answering our day-to-day questions.


As a growing number of algorithms and models emerge, developers at Google and beyond have found multiple innovative and engaging uses for them. Google has many AI experiments and you can discover some of them next.

Learn About Machine Learning With Google AI Experiments
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What are Google AI Experiments?

Google does not fall behind wherever the sharp edge of technology is. Conversely, they've extracted the massive Google wallet from Google's unthinkably deep pockets and cut a check to keep ahead of their rivals.

It's no different from artificial intelligence. Google has a lot of AI experiments you can try, and since most of these experiments rely on machine learning, your direct interaction can aid development.


AI Experiments is a platform for simple experiments, making it more straightforward for everyone to begin exploring machine learning via pictures, drawings, language, music, etc.

The following are some of Google's best AI Experiments you can play with right now.  Please be aware that specific experiments need camera access, either via your Android device or desktop.

Learn About Machine Learning With Google AI Experiments
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Interplay Mode

The Interplay Mode takes on a whole new level of learning from online videos. It enables AI to evaluate your answers to some questions, such as a letter in Japanese, during the video.


You will be able to step ahead in the video to learn new things if your handwriting resembles the one being demonstrated in the video. Otherwise, you have to attempt again until you get the correct pattern.

The same approach also extends to other lessons, such as grammar, etc. In order to assist the learning process, the experiments use speech recognition and letter recognition.

Learn About Machine Learning With Google AI Experiments
Image source: Experiments with Google

Thing Translator

This AI experiment allows you to take pictures of various objects in your home or workplace and identify what the object is. You can choose to read and listen to the object's name in nine different languages.

It does not know all the objects, but from the images you give it, it attempts to make something out of it. Thing Translator is beneficial and addictive since it can be used in many applications for fun and for your personal education. 

A great application can be a traveling app to allow people to get instant translations of objects into native languages.

Learn About Machine Learning With Google AI Experiments
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Talk to Books

Google research has generated several activities through Talk to Books, a modern experimental way of interacting with books, to teach AI the art of human conversation.

It allows you to talk to all the 100,000 books in their index and enables you to make claims and pose questions from the database of Google Books. The AI tracks down sentences that reply to the conversation.

It is developed in a way to block out the noise as well as provide a credible response for users, supported by expert literature.


Aside from those experiments above, Google has several others that you can explore on the same platform. They will give you some insight into the development of AI and ML so far and the latest improvements.

In your projects, you can also use the experiments because the source code is also given with the experiment demonstrations. So you can use the info to upgrade your own work too.

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