Check Out This Voice Activated Pen Recorder

It sounds like something out of a spy movie, but the voice activated pen recorder we’re about to tell you about is useful for everybody. It can be conveniently carried around all day and used to secretly record meetings. 

You can leave it on when you are out of a room to pick up what is being said when you’re not there. The Spy Pen Recorder is already great for dictation, has a writing feature, and is standard in length and girth.

Basically, it is a sleek and fashionable spy pen that hides a digital voice recording device that is high quality voice-activated and has the size of a regular pen. To learn more about this voice-activated pen recorder, continue reading.

Check Out This Voice Activated Pen Recorder
Image  Source: Spycentre

Excellent Battery Life and Sensitive Adjustable Microphone

The unit is powered by an internal Li-Polymer 230mA completely rechargeable battery that provides up to 31 hours of maximum recording time in voice activation mode. 

Recording when there is sound in the vicinity, this essentially implies that the pen will remain ‘live’ for up to 31 hours after a full charge of the battery when started in sound activation mode.

Normally, a complete charge of the pen takes about 2 hours, so it is possible to keep the time between deployments to a minimum. The microphone is responsive and can readily pick up noises/speech within a range of up to 9 meters in voice activation mode.

When the pen is attached to a PC with the supplied cable, the sound activation (VOS) threshold setting can be changed. This setting specifies at what sensitivity the activation of the sound is enabled. 

Decent Memory Storage in this Recording Pen – Easy Playback

As a standard, this product has an internal flash drive memory capacity of 8 GB, allowing for up to 144 hours of audio recording (in Extra High-Quality recording mode) and 288 hours (in High-Quality mode). 

The system comes complete with a USB connection cable that makes it much easier to transfer audio files from the pen to your computer (Windows or Mac) without any software applications.

Using the small 2.5mm charge/transfer port at the end of the pen, it can be charged. Alternatively, by connecting the supplied headphones to the same 2.5mm port, you can replay stored files straight from the pen.

Time and Date Stamped Files

It supports time and date stamping. This ensures that a time and date reference can be automatically provided for each file. That is important for verifying when a recording was made as many files may be cataloged.

By connecting the pen to a Windows computer using the supplied USB cable, the time and date are set. You can also choose the sound activation (VOS) setting on this recording pen via an on-screen menu system in the same way. 

An automatic file save will be rendered every 5 hours while in straight record mode (no recording time is lost). This helps decrease the probability of corruption of recorded files.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of this pen is usually $139.99, but Spycentre is offering a deal and it is now on sale for $109.99.


Check Out This Voice Activated Pen Recorder
Image Source: Spycentre

How Does the Voice Activated Recorder Pen Work?

Turn the recording switch counterclockwise on the top of the device. You can see the white dot turn from white to black when you turn the switch, to signify that it is in record mode. 

Unscrew the pen by rotating counter-clockwise on the silver and black design ring in the center of the unit to set up the recording mode. Once you get it unscrewed, your USB connection will be visible.

There is a small black switch on the pen that will determine the type of recording you want. For continuous recording, move the switch to the solid gold line. For voice-activated recording, move the switch to the three gold dots. 


Emerging technology is going to allow us to do all those things we thought were only possible in the movies. And considering all that is possible, this spy pen is pretty tame.

There are many reasons you may be looking for voice activated pen recorder and this product handles the need well. It is discreet and can be placed anywhere without bringing too much attention to it.