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Top 10 Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites 2019: The busy schedule has made our life dull and boring and we hardly get any time to spend with our friends and families. This gives way for the search to download links whenever there is the release of any new movie. There is no problem in downloading anything from the internet but only if you are aware of the right keywords. Like for example, you could search for the keyword best torrent sites and you would probably see the drop-down list of suggestions related to it.

This article would probably end your search for the top torrent sites and would probably help you in providing all the useful torrent download sites.

Mind you, torrent is not only for downloading movies, there are sites which also allows you to download books. So, you should not be worried to explore the websites which come under the category of top torrenting sites list.

List of 10 Best Torrent Sites to help you Download Anything

Here is the list of top ten torrent download sites which would ease your way and help you download the latest releases.

1. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay

Often abbreviated as TPB, you cannot keep this site out of the list when making the list of best torrenting websites. This website is one of the finest examples of popular torrent sites and was founded in 2003 by the Swedish anti-copyright organization “Piratbyran”.

Once you open this website you would find its design and UI to be similar to the of the search engine Google, this is the reason that sometimes it is also referred to as best torrent search engines. The list of things which could be found on this website is Audio, video, application, games, porn, TV shows, Music and other things.

2. Kickass Torrents:


Kickass Torrents

The common calling name is KAT and without this website the list of best torrent sites is incomplete. It used to be the website that served as an online directory for torrent files and magnet links for making the download of the peered file using the BitTorrent protocol.

Though founded in 2008, it came into limelight when it became the top torrent sites to be visited in the year 2014. The torrents are classified in the website similarly like the TPB and it also includes the various categories, such as Movies, TV, Games, Music, New,and others. Recently, we have shared the New Kickass torrent sites.

3. YTS.AG:



The negative thing about YTS is that it has been a little hard to find the new and the latest downloads available. But it made the cut for the best torrent sites as the UI of the website is quite simple and beautiful. It is the only site in the top torrenting sites list which provides a large number of movie downloads and the focus is mainly on the speed of the downloads, improved video quality, better bit rates,etc. shares similar appearance as that of YIFY’s website and usually all the latest movie is available through this website.

4. Torrentz2:



One of the major places for torrents was the Torrentz and the replica and the replacement of this original site is Torrentz2. And for holding lots of information related to the material for movies, games, books and music we have named it in our top torrent sites

If this website is ban in your country then you could find the proxy which could be accessible in your country.

5. TorrentProject



This is also a familiar name in the torrent website list and can be referred to as one of the best torrent search engines. This website currently has more than 10 million torrents in its database.

The best thing about one of the best torrent sites reddit is it not only indexes the popular movies but also has some in house production too for users to enjoy. The interface of the website resembles just like a modern search engine.




Similar to Kickass and The Pirate Bay, Lime torrents is also a torrent website and due to its huge database, it could be easily added to the top torrenting sites list.

Now only the verified torrents of Lime torrents can be trusted as safe and reliable as Lime torrent had to be taken down due to lack of resources. It had a huge database of Movies, Videos, Books, games, software, and Music.



RARBG torrents

It is in our list of best torrent sites as it uses peer to peer file sharing algorithm by using the popular BitTorrent protocol. The cool thing about this top torrent sites is that it provides magnet links for torrents along with torrent files.

Currently, there are more than 300K clicks on the official website of RARBG. And it has the Alexa ranking of 280.

8. isoHunt Torrent Search Engine



The name of this website is derived from the term ISO which means softcopy of the disk. Being founded by Gary Fung at the beginning of 2003 this website has now made it to the list of best torrent sites. At one time it was considered as the major player and had about 13.1 million torrents in its database.

The categorizing present in this best torrenting websites is Anime, software, games, movies, music, series & TV, Books,and others. The site also has a proxy with the name of isohunt2.

9. Free Book Spot:


Free Book Spot

we have heard about a lot of websites of torrent for movies and show lovers but there are quite a few sites for book lovers. Free book spot is such a site which is completely dedicated for bookworms and thus we included it in our list of best torrent sites.

The website is more than 10 years old but the amazing part is that this is among the best torrent search engines which have gained the popularity nowadays.

10. Otorrents: Download Movies, TV show torrents


This site is not very popular or has lots of clicks, but I decided to keep this site on the list of best torrent sites as I personally like it very much and use it a lot for my work.

It doesn’t have a torrent database of their own and collects torrents from the top torrenting sites list. The website has specialization when it comes to movies, TV shows, and videos. There are a lot more than this and you could find Games, Apps and anime too over here.


These were the most popular torrent download sites. which you can download your favourite torrent. Thus, based on your needs simply choose the best torrent sites which perfectly suitable for you and enjoy its benefits.