Check Out the Tech Elevator Bootcamp

If you want to learn how to code, but don't have the ability to go back to school full-time, you are in luck. Tech Elevator is looking for students who can commit 14 weeks to their coding boot camp.

They provide instructors with decades of experience and are looking for people genuinely interested in technology who want to solve problems and are willing to be coached.


Up next, we're going to tell you all about the Tech Elevator Bootcamp and how it can help you.

Tech Elevator: An Overview

Tech Elevator is a boot camp software coding facility offered for groups of 10 to 20 students for 14 weeks. Tech Elevator provides two tracks to develop web applications: Java and Net, each with a $12,000 tuition.

The services are available in spring, summer, and autumn. An extensive application process involving a test of aptitude, prior work, and academic history, and a behavioral interview shall be undertaken by the students.


Programming language (Java for boot camp Java and C # for boot camp NET), the web programming of server-side websites, database programming, and client-side, web application security, are all part of each track.

Why Tech Elevator

By the end of the semester, the two courses provide a capstone thesis. If you're interested to learn a lot from experts who've worked in the industry for an average of 20 years, this is the place.

You will also be willing to work with individual career coaches, whose primary goal is to get you to a job where you can join our program.


The ideal student of Tech Elevator would accept both in the classroom and in group activities designed explicitly to mimic real-life work experiences.

What Will You Learn at Tech Elevator Bootcamp?

Depending on your option as a student, you can either learn Java or .NET languages.  When you graduate, you can create web applications with the help of Java or .NET, which are dynamic and database-backed.

The boot camp will teach you the necessary skills to become a junior developer of web applications. Their instructors are professionals in the industry who work as software developers for 20 years on average.

They are excited to help students begin their technology careers and invest in their success.

Java or .NET: What Course to Choose?

The Java and .NET languages are interesting to understand, but some companies use more than one language, depending on the job concentration.

For a good starting point, investigate the jobs you are interested in and review the code specifications in the job description.

What to Expect After Finishing a Boot Camp?

Tech Elevator's aim is to teach you not only to write code but to be a developer. That means that, as you continue to practice and grow in your career, you solve problems and think through solutions like developers.

After 14 weeks, you can trust to get to work as a junior developer with core code skills, which will have an effect on your job from day one.

After taking advantage of their Pathway Program to concentrate on professional development skills to help you pursue your next career, you become a well-rounded job applicant.

Tech Elevator Pricing Plans

The training is $15,500 for boot camps. There are several payment options, such as credit card, check, and PayPal.

Some students save and pay everything in one sum, while others pay in installments - you will however need to do the following.

  • $125 to hold your spot in class (once accepted)
  • $7,750 due on day 1 of the boot camp
  • $7,750 due in week 8 of the boot camp

For payment and financing options, visit their financing page.


Career coaches and mentors will assist in resume development, interview coaching, assessment of strengths, and more. As long as you focus on the program at hand, after 14 weeks, you should be able to land a great job.

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