Check Out the Thinnest TV Ever Created

The year was 1927, and the world's first electronic television was successfully demonstrated in San Francisco. A 21-year-old boy named Philo Taylor Farnsworth, who had lived without electricity until he was 14, had invented the groundbreaking system. He called it the "image dissector".

Since then, there has been a steady movement toward making TVs even better, with high-quality pictures, larger screen sizes, and most importantly, much thinner and slimmer designs. New technologies in the TV industry keep pushing the boundaries, and we may see ultra-thin flat-screen TVs within a decade.

Some of the thinnest TVs in the world are so sleek and streamlined that they are almost like a single sheet of glass. The LG OLED Wallpaper TV is currently taking the spot of the world's thinnest TV. In today's article, we will talk about the stunning LG OLED Wallpaper TV, discover its amazing features, and find out how LG created the thinnest TV ever.


The High-End Wallpaper TV

First and foremost, you might have a question: why is it called a "wallpaper TV". Well, the reason is pretty obvious! The new LG flagship TV is so insanely thin that it almost disappears, like any wallpaper, when mounted on the wall. Due to its extreme thinness, the LG OLED Wallpaper TV cannot stand on its legs or pedestal.

Image Source: Pexels

Instead of sitting on legs or pedestals, the "Best of CES" award-winning television comes with special magnets from the manufacturers. Now, these magnets pull the screen flush and attach it to the wall, leaving absolutely no gap—just like a wallpaper.

With ultra-thin bezels and a nearly invisible screen from its sides, this LED TV will give you a seamless experience of entertainment without compromising on functionality.

How Thin Is the Wallpaper TV?

When attached to the wall, it's so thin it protrudes no more than a couple of coins stacked together. To be exact, the wallpaper TV is just 3.85 mm thick, which is roughly around 0.15 inches. It is so thin that you would not even notice it from the side.


At this thickness, or should we say thinness, the LG OLED Wallpaper TV clearly wins the race of being the thinnest TV ever created to make your space more functional while adding a touch of high-tech glamour.

So how is it ultra-thin? The reason behind its thinness is the unique arrangements of the TV components that provide the television with a wafer-thin screen from its sides. When mounted on a wall, it will look like it’s floating in midair.

The Stunning Image Quality

Now, let us talk about screen quality. Many users often tend to think that choosing ultra-thin television means sacrificing the image quality and your viewing experience. However, with the LG OLED Wallpaper TV, this is not so!

Image Source: FlatpanelsHD

The OLED in the LG OLED Wallpaper TV stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, a common display technology known for its rich colors and excellent contrast, which is why they're usually found in phones and laptops. LG makes much larger screens with similar technology and therefore beats the LCDs of other competitors.

The 8.3 million self-illuminated pixels can individually dim or brighten the picture, delivering infinite black levels. This makes for rich blacks and pristine whites, so you can see nearly every detail—even in dark scenes. And by further comparison to other high-quality OLED displays in the market, you can expect brighter whites, better contrast, and blacker blacks.

With this cutting-edge technology, LG has been able to deliver over-the-top picture quality, despite the thinness. LG also boasts that their wallpaper TV has 25 percent higher luminance and, at the same time, also offers better color, about 99 percent in the DCI color space.

Picture Quality Just Got Better 

It is also worth noting that the TV can select the best picture quality you are trying to see—thanks to the ɑ9 processor. For instance, if you are watching anything in HDR or Dolby Vision, the picture mode automatically sets to Cinema Home Mode, which is much better and looks authentic.

Besides the image quality and precision details in the picture, the LG OLED Wallpaper TV also delivers exceptional image accuracy for not just SDR content but four other formats of HDR content. The Wallpaper TV supports Dolby Vision 10, HDR 10, HLG, and Technicolor HDR formats, a feat none of LG's competitors have been able to achieve to date.

Also, the company has incorporated an "active HDR" mode designed to improve the image from HDR10 sources. This particular technology mimics the Dolby Vision system by applying its dynamic metadata, which helps fully use the expanded color palette available in this standard.

The Immersive Sound System

It is undeniable that sound plays a vital role in the sense of home entertainment. Approached with an ambition to provide a great sound experience, The LG OLED Wallpaper TV brings a world of sound to your home.

Image Source: LG

With Dolby Atmos Technology, sound reflects off the ceiling and comes to life with rich, multidimensional audio around every corner of your room. An audiophile’s dream room, the LG OLED Wallpaper TV features a premium soundbar that can be placed below or above the television or wall-mounted.

Think of it as a movie theater in your home—with center channel speakers that deliver clear dialogue and powerful bass at the right moment.

But, Where Are the Speakers?

When the television is wafer-thin, the location of the speakers is often questionable. So, where exactly are the speakers in the LG OLED Wallpaper TV? LG has placed the speakers in a specially designed separate soundbar, or the AIO (All-In-One) box, which is included inside the box.

The soundbar is a very cool and neat device that houses the speakers and incorporates input/power supply, output ports, and processors. The wall-mounted wallpaper TV is attached to the soundbar with the help of an ultra-thin ribbon-like wire, which again sits flat against the wall.

The built-in speakers ensure you can experience high-definition sound while watching videos or listening to music. With the speeding technological innovations, it would have been amazing to see wall-mounted or floating speakers, and we might see similar options very soon!

Modern TV: The Smarter TV

Like almost every LG TV after 2017, the LG OLED Wallpaper TV comes with the latest version of the WebOS. As a result, it is one of the most welcoming and user-friendly TV operating systems to ever exist.

Image Source: Pexels

Filled with colors, the webOS 3.5 presents all the applications and features like cards—the main menu might feel a little crowded. Users can also rearrange the default setting of the menu according to their convenience based on what they prefer the most.

On top, you will see the notifications bar and a dialogue box that displays the daily weather report. Next is a prompt to sign in to the LG system, which allows you to unlock the latest 2022 features of the wallpaper TV.

Magic Remote Control

Just as the name suggests, the LG OLED Wallpaper TV remote is truly magical, and you can even use it as a mouse-pointer. In addition, users can use Google Assistants and Amazon Alexa voice commands just by speaking into the remote. Isn't that cool?

Talking about the feel of the remote in your hands, built with amazingly soft-touch material, the remote control feels excellent in hand. In addition, the direction buttons and central wheel have much better sensibility than their former versions. But, that's not all— your favorite OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Video also find their spots on the magic remote itself.

The Artificial Intelligence

Another great thing about the world's slimmest TV is that it is filled with Artificial Intelligence. The wallpaper TV is incorporated with plenty of amazing smart features, making it a true "Modern TV".

Image Source: Pixabay

These include Google Assistant, Built-in Alexa, Intelligent Voice Recognition, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home Compatibility. However, the Alexa device and Google Home device are required to be bought by the users separately.

With the Intelligent Voice recognition system on board, you can control your TV using your voice only. So, for example, you could create a cinematic environment in your home while you watch your favorite thriller on the wallpaper TV.

LG ThinQ AI: The Future of Smart Homes

Introduced in CES 2018, LG ThinQ is the LGs flagship artificial intelligence brand. The LG ThinQ AI lets users control television and so much more, using not more than your voice.

So, what is the LG ThinQ AI? The ThinQ AI is the AI technology that LG is currently incorporating in most of its home appliances and smart devices. The AI not only allows you to use voice commands over individual devices but also takes data from your daily behaviors and puts that together to make your life much easier and more enjoyable.

With this feature, your wallpaper TV acts as your new smart home hub. Users can control their smart home devices, like robot vacuum cleaners, smart lights, ACs, and anything else that gets connected to the TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, these are some of the cutting-edge features of the LG OLED Wallpaper TV, the thinnest TV ever created. Moreover, with the gradual innovation in the tech area, we believe that we will be introduced to a much thinner TV.

And, looking at the innovative movement, it would not be wrong to say that the next generation of TV will not just be thinner than before but also more flexible. In fact, we have already been introduced to "rollable TV". And there surely are many more to come.

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