These Are the Best Tech Tips to Use at Work

A lot of people are unexpectedly finding themselves working for the first time from home because of the pandemic. Technology allows for that, but how do you use software and other tricks to make remote work easier?

There is a range of advantages to operating remotely. It gives you a chance to change scenery and work from wherever you are. Yet, this move may become a hassle for others.


Software hacks will help you save time and work effectively, from getting a safe internet connection to micromanaging. Here are a few tech tips you need to know right now!

Share Files Easily

When your organization uses Google Drive and Slack, you can incorporate it to import any files automatically when you share them.

If you want to integrate, just share a Google Drive connection on Slack, and Slack Bot will automatically ask you. If you do, Slack will notify you if anyone does not have permission to access the document in the channel you're sharing with.


Create a Visible Calendar

Google Calendar App will connect your schedule to the platform to let your colleagues know when you're in a meeting when they're trying to send you a message. That is helpful when there's no visual cue like there would be in person.

Google Calendar is a Google-developed scheduling and time-management application. It became available on the internet and as mobile applications for the Android and iOS platforms. Google Calendar is designed to allow users to create and edit events.

Use Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

For decades, keyboard shortcuts have been around, but they are often not used by many people. For example, if you hold down the CTRL + A together, you can select a specific page.


Do you want to go back to your Internet browser? Hit the Left Arrow and the ALT. Together, Shift and F7 will send you a Thesaurus lookup in Word. In iMac's situation, most commands are possible, but you use Command instead of CTRL.

Try Out Remote Desktop to Do Two Things at Once

Have you forgotten to send a critical file that is sitting on your computer? Load a remote desktop device onto both computers and your mobile instead of rushing back to your computer.

You can access your computer remotely as if you were sitting in front of it, gathering the files you need, and moving them to the other computer. Try out these remote desktop apps: Join.meReal VNC, and Splashtop.

Have a Password Manager

Ever have difficulty remembering passwords? Several companies offer password lockers to address this, which store all of your credentials in one place.

So, just go through the app and see what you are searching for if you need to know a password. If you want faster password input, several lockers will pop up a username and password fields automatically, so you don't need to.

Try out these apps: Last Pass and 1Password.

Use Quotation Marks to Narrow Down Google Searches

If you're searching for something in Google but get bogged down with meaningless information, think about wrapping your question in quotes. 

Through this, Google can only display results that exactly suit whatever quotes you might have. This also makes finding what you are searching for easier.

Have a Universal File Storage

Universal storage has become a more accessible way of keeping data synchronized across your many machines. Try using a service such as Dropbox or Box, or iCloud Drive, in a fully Apple environment.

Then upload the files you want to the service of your choice, download the app to all your devices, and that's it! Each of your files will now be available everywhere you go. Best of all, when you're making changes, you can set them to all sync.


Bonus tip: get a second monitor! Using a second monitor in just about everything you do makes operations easier. Writing up something in Word? Put the results of your Google Search on the other monitor, so you don't need to jump back and forth.

Need to make a video and get other software resources? You'll be supported by two cameras. There's a lot of easy ways you can make your life easier while working remotely.

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