Barclays Credit Card - Learn How to Apply

The name Barclays is synonymous with opportunity and authenticity. With over 24 million customers worldwide, Barclays is always striving to build better customer relationships by offering innovative products and services.

The bank's investment & savings portfolios, borrowings, mortgages and insurance form a customer-centric bouquet of services. In a world, where everything is linked with credit scores, it is essential to associate with authentic service providers.


Credit card offerings by Barclays come in all shapes and sizes. Due to its global presence, However, understanding everything about a product before you decide to use it is important and up next we're going to tell you about Barclays.

Barclays Credit Card - Learn How to Apply
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Major Features of the Card

Barclay’s range of credit cards is one of the greatest things about the service.

Reliability: Compared to other credit card processors, Barclays is more reliable due to its fast and safety-laden services.


Co-Branded Cards: Co-Branded means that Barclays has signed MOUs with the patrons of various industries to offer benefits (more on this later) to their customers. This includes travel and tourism, airlines, education, retail networks, and other financial institutions.

Services Offerings: Barclays Credit cards have several added features and benefits. Some offer zero annual fees, while others have a lower APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Credit Building Card: Barclays' compassion towards excellent customer service is projected from the fact that they offer credit-building cards. This type of credit card assists you in improving your credit history.


Pros and Cons

One of the greatest benefits of using any credit card, let alone Barclays, is getting interest-free credit for a short period of time. With Barclays, this time period ranges between 45 days to 60 days.

The Barclays reward programs always bring something new to the table. Even better, the application processing of Barclays' credit cards is transparent and fast. These guys won’t keep you waiting for an eternity for a credit card.

If you are eligible and have a sound credit profile, your credit card will be processed and shipped before you realize it.

But, all that shines isn't gold. There are some issues with Barclays that can force you to question your decision for even considering it.

For instance, getting around their approval criteria is difficult. Added to this, there have been cases of fraudulent alerts with Barclays cards. Lastly, previous users have also complained about bad customer service. 

How to apply?

The application process for Barclays is as simple as it gets. However, everything depends on the eligibility criteria. So, before discussing how to apply, let’s learn how to check your eligibility.

Barclays offers an obligation-free eligibility check for credit cards. Don’t know what that means? Well, in other cards, whenever you check the eligibility score, your credit score takes a hit.

So, the more checks, the greater impact on your credit score. To check the eligibility criteria, you will first have to choose the type of credit card and follow the iterative form-filling process.

At the end of it, you will be informed about your eligibility for that particular credit card.

There are two different forms to know your eligibility, one process is exclusive to the Credit-Building Card, and another process involves eligibility checks for all the other types of credit cards.

Fee and Interest Rate

Barclays offers 24 different credit cards. All these credits have a different set of services, interest rates, and annual fees.

Out of the 24 cards, 13 credit cards do not have an annual fee. While the rest ten do invite a yearly fee between $75 and $99.

When it comes to the interest (which is only charged after the set period is over), it also differs from card to card. The APR on the credit limit is also subject to your creditworthiness.

This implies that every single has 2 or 3 different interest rates, and the final rate applicable to your purchase amount will depend on the creditworthiness. Higher creditworthiness means lower interest and vice versa.

Contact Information

Barclays customer service is available 24/7, and you can give a call at the general helping number, 1-877-523-0478, anytime.


1 Churchill Place,

London E14 5HP

Barclays Credit Card - Learn How to Apply
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Barclays is an international brand, and due to its global customer base, Barclays has improved its service portfolio to include almost every segment of the potential customer market.

If you are thinking of getting a Barclays credit card, make sure to check everything before choosing one. It is always a smart thing to first check out the details of any credit card before applying.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit/loans. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions for more information

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