These Are 10 Websites Like CYRO.SE to Watch Movies Online

The most searched keyword by any teen these days will be to download a free movie or for a series. Most of us prefer downloading over streaming the media online as it makes it easy for us to view them any point in the future in we need for it. Not all country gives permission to download movies for free let alone streaming them online itself has to be paid for. If there is one site that made sure every film or series is available online for streaming along with the download option is the most famous is one of the most popular sites for online media streaming and downloading. Not everyone can afford to pay a monthly fee or a yearly fee for that matter, so is one lifesaver. Sadly it was taken down entirely as they are streaming the media without any permission. Since the sites demise, the world has gone searching for the best alternative for If you are one of those millions of people who are looking for sites like, then your search ends here. Here is a list of website that may possibly make you forget that a place like even existed.

Top 10 Sites Like CYRO.SE Movies


#1. MegaboxHd App

MegaboxHD is not a site but an application. If you are looking to steam and download movies and videos through any android based, then this should be your go-to option. This works like any other media streaming application on the market that asks for a monthly subscription. It contains almost all the movies, shows and series that you can think of and gives it to you free of charge. The application does not ask for any sign-in process. So this makes sure none of your details are being used illegally.

#2. Pureflix

First of all, this is not a free site. They, unlike another streaming site, does not cost so much they take in a minimum subscription fee for streaming. But, the first month of the website is entirely free, which you can use to evaluate the site and pay from the nest month. Unlike other alternatives, most of the movies on this website are legal for streaming as they have got the streaming rights for them. So the usage of this website is entirely safe.


#3. G2G Movies

G2G Movies is a site that is most loved and used by many even before got taken down. It holds movies in every genre imaginable. The site is known for its simple and easy design. The data on this website is frequently updated. One can easily get lost in the world of movies with this web site. If you wish to see a movie within days of its launch G2G movies got that covered as well, but the video quality might not be that great. The HD version of the film takes time to get uploaded on the page.


#4. FMovies

FMovies is one the first online streaming site that came into existence. They were one of the first few to give online movies and series free of cost. By all means, this has more viewers than any other streaming site available now. In fact, this was the best alternative for even when the site was in existence. They give rating for every movie and also contain details of the media that can help its viewers understand the content before streaming it.


#5. Movies Couch

If you are too much into Bollywood, then this is your best option. This is one of the latest sites that came in to being. It may not be like most of its alternatives but is has got of the best library for Bollywood movies and well as Hollywood movies. The design and UI of this website is something that sets it apart from the rest of the sites.


#6. HD Popcorn

HD Popcorn is one of the most recognized streaming websites in every part of the world. This site is known for the feature that it provides to its user. Not even was able to deliver those features for its users. They also have to option to choose the video quality before downloading or streaming, which makes this is a site that consumes fewer data.


#7. CartoonHD 

CartoonHD is similar to the previous one. It became a serious contender for the best alternative for as this also available as a website. It provides a never-ending library of movies and series. The data in the site is continuously being upgraded within weeks of its actual premiere. This application is available on the internet free of charge. The site requires no place in the procedure, so personal data is also saved.


#8. Public Domain Torrent

To our surprise, this is still a legal torrent site. Any movie or series available from this site is available for download at free of cost. It is also authorized to use this server. Like all torrent site, this contains lots of fake files, so it is up to the user to find the best site and download them.


#9. Hulu

This site has a great user interface and a clean design. This site not only lets you stream movies but also has the latest of the TV series along with trails of almost everything. You can also download the media content through this site with zero hassle thanks to the amazing UI in this site.



Last but not least; YTS is also a torrent site. This could be a suitable alternative as it contains every movie ever made, from the classics to the latest of movies. Being a torrent site, it has managed to linger around for a really long time. This shows the popularity of this site for online streaming or movies downloading.



In conclusion, it may be remarked that Cyro.Se is on another level but these 10 alternatives are not far behind. If users are unable to find their desired contents on Cyro.Se, they can visit these alternative sites that also provide them an endless entertainment.