Download JOOX Music for PC/Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

JOOX Music for PC: Music is one of the best stress reliever options for most of the peoples. We love listening to different types of tracks. It not only soothes our soul but also gives us a moment of joy. Had there been no music the world would have lived in sorrow and dullness. These days there are many forms in which we can enjoy our favorite tracks. We can either opt to listen to our favorite tracks from online or from our storage itself. Online streaming of music is getting really popular these days and here in this article we are going to discuss one such online music streaming app; JOOX Music and how can you download JOOX for PC.

Online streaming of music has been a boon for music lovers; you can enjoy your favorite tracks at any time without even downloading them. The best part here is that these online streaming of music don’t let you compromise in terms of music quality. JOOX Music has been a choice of music lovers since its initial phase. JOOX music provides you with European, American, South African and Korean tracks. This is an android and iOS based application developed by Tencent. You can enjoy a number of music tracks for free. You can also opt for premium membership by paying a fixed amount. Premium members can enjoy high-quality music without Ads. You can also do certain tasks as well in order to get a premium membership.


Download JOOX Music App for PC

JOOX Music App for PC Free Download
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Key Features of JOOX Music Streaming App for PC

JOOX provide you with latest and trending tracks in high quality. Below we have mentioned the top features of JOOX Music;

  • You can enjoy millions of tracks on JOOX music as it has got a huge music collection which ensures that you never get bored of their contents. You can get all songs of your choice on JOOX music. JOOX has categorized music on a different basis; JOOX has a different section of top tracks from where you can get the songs that are picked by JOOX team.
  • You can also download your favorite tracks and listen to them even if you don’t have an internet connection; you can enjoy millions of tracks in offline mode as well. If you are a premium member then you can download unlimited tracks in order to listen to them in offline mode.
  • If you love to listen to the radio then JOOX music must be in your preference list because it offers more than 50 radio c
  • You can enjoy Ad-free music if you opt for premium membership (JOOX VIP). You don’t need to listen to those irritating Ads all the time; just go for premium membership and you can enjoy your favorite music without any interruptions.

There are a number of features of JOOX music among which we have mentioned the best ones above. Once you opt for a premium membership you can enjoy high-quality music without interruption. You can share your favorite tracks on WeChat with your friends and loved ones. You can buy premium membership from your Google Play Store account.

Download JOOX for PC/Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Though JOOX is an android and iOS-based app, you can still download it on your pc and enjoy your favorite tracks. The developer has yet not released their app for PC/windows. But you don’t need to worry as in this article we will provide you with the way through which you can download JOOX music app for pc.


Since JOOX music is only available for Android and iOS platform but if you want to enjoy JOOX music app for pc then you will have to use an Android Emulator. There are a number of android emulators available on the internet but Bluestacks is the most popular of them. It comes with a number of features and there are absolutely no major flaws on this emulator. You can download JOOX for PC/Computer using Play store on Bluestacks. The installation process is same as on your Android device. Below we have mentioned the steps that you can follow to download JOOX for PC;

Step. 1 - First of all you need an Android emulator on your pc to download joox music. You can download the best android emulator; Bluestacks from here. Install Bluestacks on your PC and you are ready to use android apps on your PC. Once installed you are all set for the next steps.

⇒ Download Bluestacks Emulator


Step. 2 - Go to your Home screen on the Bluestacks. Now scroll to your App store (most popular app store is Google Play Store). Click on the Play store icon.

Step. 3 - Now in Google Play Store click on the search bar and search for JOOX app. You should not go for any counterfeited app hence search for the official app of JOOX music. As you find the official JOOX for pc app on the app store click on the install button.

Step. 4 - This app of 47 MB will be installed within a few minutes depending upon the internet connection. Your JOOX for pc app will be soon installed on Bluestacks. Reach to the My Apps Section on your bluestacks and find Joox for pc app.

You are all set to enjoy JOOX music on your pc/windows. Just double click on JOOX music icon and the app will open. You can enjoy your favorite tracks on this app.

You can also install JOOX for pc app on Bluestacks by importing it from your disk. In order to do this, you need to download this app from any third party source (not preferred). After importing the app, just install it.

Final Words on Download JOOX App on PC:

So this was all about how to download JOOX for PC/Windows. You can follow these steps to enjoy seamless music on JOOX music app on your PC/Windows as well. Just ensure that you are downloading the app from a trusted source (Google Play Store) and not from any non-trusted third party source. You follow the similar steps to download JOOX for mac as well.

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