Top 10 Best Free Websites to Watch Dubbed Anime Online


Are you searching for best websites to watch English dubbed anime online?

Here, Here, we will tell you about the top 10 best anime streaming websites in 2020. Have a look at each one and you can watch dubbed anime series online for free. 


Lets started about Dubbed Anime Online!!

Anime that stands for animation is basically a hand-drawn and computer animation which is originated from Japan. The popularity of Anime is being increased day by day because of its colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. The primary language of such animations is Japanese. But, at present, it is gaining popularity in many countries and therefore it is dubbed in different languages.

Watching Anime in own language provides an outstanding mental as well as visual pleasure that is quite indescribable. Therefore, Anime lovers always look for these animations in dubbed form. So, in this article, you will get 10 best free sites to watch dubbed anime online.


Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Dubbed Anime Online 2020

  • Viewster
  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation Now
  • Best Dubbed Anime
  • Tubi.Tv

1.  – Best Anime Sites

kissanime-watch-dubbed-anime onlineKissanime is a great place where you can watch dubbed anime online as it offers a lot of Anime in dubbed form. It has a special search option through which you can get your favorite anime. Besides, on the left sidebar, you will find different categories of animes related to different genres that consist of Action, Cars, Cartoon, Comedy, Game, Harem etc.

Along with the massive collection of videos, supports video quality up to 1080p. Therefore you will get the taste of ultimate visual pleasure through this free anime streaming site.


chia-anime.tvChia-anime is another free anime streaming site. The interface is very user friendly and the site is accessible through mobile.

If we talk about the features, Chia-anime would not disappoint you. At the top, it has a search bar which can be used by the users in order to find their favorite anime shows. If you are looking for old anime shows, this site will surely satisfy you as it offers old anime series along with the new. Users can even search according to their requirements as it has categorized the anime in different sections such as ‘drama’, ‘dubbed’ etc. Another important characteristic of this site is that users can download the contents available on this particular dubbed anime site in their PC or mobile. Besides, some most popular anime shows including ‘One Piece’, ‘High School of Dead’ and ‘Naruto’ are also available on this site. Therefore, in a nutshell, it may be said that this site is a complete package for anime lover.

3. Viewster – Place to Watch Anime 

viewster-animeViewster is another website where you can watch dubbed anime online. Anime lovers would surely love the flat and sleek user interface of this site that mostly offers anime, movies, and productive films.

The contents of this site has been categorized into different sections such as ‘Anime Movie’, ‘Ongoing anime’, ‘English sub and dub’, ‘A-Z list’. On top, there is a special navigation bar that helps the viewers to navigate through these sections. Another important feature of this site is the request section that differentiates from others. It cannot be said how much it fulfills the request of the users, but it is a good option. Users will also get the list of ‘Latest Anime’ with a tag of anime status. Viewster has different servers for streaming Anime shows and the best part is that it supports video quality up to 720p.

4. – Watch Anime Dub is one of the greatest platforms where Anime lovers can watch dubbed anime online for free. This site has a huge collection of videos and it supports video quality up to 1080p. Therefore, users will get an outstanding visual pleasure. has a beautiful background based on dark theme and it has a very clean user-interface. Besides, it offers various anime series such as 07 Ghost, Accel World, A Centaur’s Life etc. It has everything that an anime lover needs and so you can go for it without any doubt. Besides, users can download the contents available on this site through IDM (Internet Download Manager) on their PC or Laptop.

5. Crunchyroll

crunchyrollCrunchyroll is one of the best dubbed anime websites and the popularity is being enhanced day by day because of the high quality contents that it offers to its users.

Crunchyroll offers two kinds of packages- free and premium. Users can try the free pack which is for 14 days before purchasing the premium pack. This free anime streaming site is available for both Android and iOS and therefore users can enjoy HD quality Anime series anywhere. Besides, Crunchyroll has different sections that offer Anime series related to different categories. So, this beautiful interface would surely help you to get your favorite one.

6. Funimation Now – Most Popular for Anime

If you are living in US or Canada and looking for a free anime streaming site, Funimation Now is perfect for you.

funimationnowFunimation Now is popular for its unique and premium design and it is available on several platforms such as Android, iOS, Play station, Windows. Like Crunchyroll, Funimation Now also offers free and premium packages. If you want advertisement-free experience, you may go for the premium package which is available at 5.99$ for one month. Besides, this site offers high quality Anime series that you can stream in HD and it supports up to 1080p. Finally, it may be said that Funimation Now is one of the best options for watching dubbed anime online for the people belonging to US and Canada.

7. Best Dubbed Anime

best dubbed is one of the best dubbed anime sites and it gains popularity because of its unique design. This site offers latest episodes of Anime series that you might not find in other places. has different sections for different aged people. On one side it offers Anime for kids and on the other side it has contents for adults. Besides, if you are looking for latest and trending anime shows, this free anime streaming site would not disappoint you. This site provides a short description along with the Anime in order to give you a clear conception about that particular content. Besides, there is an option through which viewers can stream all the episodes in various format. Thus, you can get the taste of Anime series even when you are offline.

8. Tubi.Tv

tubitvTubi.Tv is another great place where you can watch dubbed anime online and this site has also a great user interface like Besides, it offers productive films, movies along with the Anime series.

Tubi.Tv has a huge collection of Anime videos. The most important aspect is that viewers can browse everything very easily as this site has separate sections for different contents. The only negative aspect of this site is the advertisements that frequently appear while streaming the contents online. But, you can put up with this as the site is completely free.


If you are not satisfies with the options given previously in this article and looking for something new, would be a good choice for you as it is another free anime streaming site where you can watch anime series related to Action, Adventure, Horror, Kids, Romance and many more.

9anime.toThis site has a massive collection of videos and one of the good aspects of this site is that the contents are categorized in such a way that you will get your desired Anime without any problem. Another positive thing is that viewers can download the videos in HD by clicking on the ‘download’ icon.


Another good place where you can watch dubbed anime online is This site gives you visual pleasure as well as mental satisfaction by providing latest contents. Besides, Animes related to Actions, Adventures, Comedy, Magic etc are available in this site.animexd is a free streaming site that presents contents in front of you in a much decorated way and therefore you would surely love this site. Popular contents like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Bleach are available here. Along with these, search box and thumbnail for each video are also available. This site supports video quality up to 720p and so you do not have to compromise on the quality of the videos.


Finally, it may be said that this article consisting of top 10 best dubbed anime websites would surely help you to get your desired contents.